Soccer Prediction for 9 June 2019 – Belgium vs Kazakhstan

Euro 2020 Qualifying Betting Score Prediction tonight presents a super match between Belgium vs Kazakhstan, which will take place on Sunday, 9 June 2019 at 01:45 WIB, at Heysel Stadium.

Euro 2020 Group I qualifiers still show Belgium as the seeded team, who will move smoothly to the final round later. This status is based on the strength of players and their experiences at international events like this.

Now they are predicted to return to picking three points very easily. It can be proven later that Belgium’s opponents now are Kazakhstan, whose record as a newly formed team and also new into the soccer world, that’s why they are easily lose to the big teams, e.g. Belgium.

However, this status must be questioned, because Kazakhstan were able to provide difficulties for Eden Hazard CS in several meetings. We can see that from their last four meetings, Kazakhstan were able to hold a draw twice and lost twice.

Interestingly here, when the two draws occur in succession and are still very close in memory, and it can be predicted Kazakhstan will be able to provide resistance to Belgium, but only a short time.

Asian Handicap Market – Belgium vs Kazakhstan:
Belgium 0: 1 1/2 Kazakhstan

Score Prediction – Belgium vs Kazakhstan:
Belgium 3-0 Kazakhstan

Why only short time? It can be proven that Belgium are the team with the world’s best leaders. They have a golden generation of a collection of world-class star players who play with big European clubs, let’s say Hazard, and Kevin de Bryune till Romelu Lukaku.

From those three names, in fact, it can become a representative that Kazakhstan will be more depressed. Apart from the chances of Kazakhstan getting points, this match should ended with a victory for Belgium, because they are superior to everything.

The big score on the market is now considered very feasible, because Belgium have a very sharp line of attackers. Hazard is one of them, and this one player has just proved himself as the best by helping Chelsea win the Europa League 2018-2019.

Head to Head Matches – Belgium vs Kazakhstan:
[17/08/06] Belgium 0 – 0 Kazakhstan
[12/09/07] Kazakhstan 2 – 2 Belgium
[08/10/10] Kazakhstan 0 – 2 Belgium
[10/10/11] Belgium 4 – 1 Kazakhstan

Belgium’s Last 5 Matches:
[10/17/18] Belgium 1 – 1 Netherlands
[11/16/18] Belgium 2 – 0 Iceland
[11/19/18] Switzerland 5 – 2 Belgium
[23/03/19] Belgium 3 – 1 Russia
[03-25/19] Cyprus 0-2 Belgium

Kazakhstan’s Last 5 Matches:
[11/15/18] Kazakhstan 1 – 1 Latvia
[11/18/18] Georgia 2 – 1 Kazakhstan
[2/21/19] Kazakhstan 1 – 0 Moldova
[3/21/19] Kazakhstan 3 – 0 Scotland
[24/03/19] Kazakhstan 3 – 0 Scotland

Team Players:
Belgium: Courtois – Vermaelen – Vertonghen – Alderweireld – Castagne – Dendoncker – Tielemans – Hazard – Mertens – Hazard – Batshuayi.
Kazakhstan: Nepogodov – Logvinenko – Maliy – Akhmetov – Beysebekov – Suyumbayev – Strong – Merkel – Zainutdinov – Pertsukh – Murtazayev.

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