Soccer Prediction for 7 September 2019 – Lithuania vs Ukraine

UEFA Euro Qualifiers Betting Score Prediction this evening presents a classic match between Lithuania vs Ukraine, which will take place on Saturday, 7 September 2019 at 23:00 WIB, at the Vilniaus LFF Stadium.

Group B of the 2020 Euro qualifying round has entered its 5th week, where Ukraine currently still leads the standings with 10 points from the results of the last four matches. On the one hand, Lithuania are not very well, where they are currently at the bottom of the standings with 1 point from their last three matches.

If we read from the status of the position of the two teams, then Ukraine deserves to be superior compared to Lithuania which is currently claimed to have suffered a bad condition after not growing mentally competing in the face of such great pressure.

Consisting of five teams, then Lithuania’s chances of qualifying for the upcoming 2020 Euro finals will be very difficult as their points are far enough behind. The situation from Ukraine is good, and it can be said that this match will try to be used by them to accelerate their status as a team that qualified for the finals.

Asian Handicap Market – Lithuania vs Ukraine:
Lithuania 0:0 Ukraine

Score Prediction – Lithuania vs Ukraine:
Lithuania 0-1 Ukraine

If we read from the readiness of these two teams, it is worth saying that Ukraine is better than Lithuania. Despite playing at home, Lithuania is still not comparable to the level of Ukraine’s game which is seen as growing and ready to face the pressure that exists now.

Apart from all that, it is appropriate for all players to champion Ukraine, but must remain vigilant by looking at what was released by the 2020 Euro score market, as Lithuania could have already found a formula to be able to restore the mentality of confidence in fighting for victory.

Moreover, playing at home, of course Lithuania does not want to make thousands of supporters disappointed, and there will certainly be a hard struggle from them.

Head to Head Lithuania vs Ukraine:
[19/11/14] Ukraine 0 – 0 Lithuania
[25/05/10] Ukraine 4 – 0 Lithuania
[18/11/07] Lithuania 2 – 0 Ukraine
[28/03/07] Ukraine 1 – 0 Lithuania
[13/08/96] Ukraine 5 – 2 Lithuania

Lithuania’s Last 5 Matches:
[21/11/18] Serbia 4 – 1 Lithuania
[23/03/19] Luxemburg 2 – 1 Lithuania
[25/03/19] Azerbaijan 0 – 0 Lithuania
[08/06/19] Lithuania 1 – 1 Luxemburg
[11/06/19] Serbia 4 – 1 Lithuania

Ukraine’s Last 5 Matches:
[21/11/18] Turkey 0 – 0 Ukraine
[23/03/19] Portugal 0 – 0 Ukraine
[26/03/19] Luxemburg 1 – 2 Ukraine
[08/06/19] Ukraine 5 – 0 Serbia
[11/06/19] Ukraine 1 – 0 Luxemburg

Team Players:
Lithuania: Setkus; L.Klimavicius, Kijanskas, A.Klimavicius, Vaitkunas; Kuklys, Zulpa; Novikovas, Slivka, Cernych; Valskis
Ukraine: Andriy Pyatov; Artem Fedetskiy, Vyacheslav Shevchuk, Yevhen Rakitskiy, Oleksandr Kucher; Oleh Husyev, Kovalchuk, Edmar, Taras Stepanenko; Roman Zozulya, Andriy Yarmolenko.

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