Soccer Prediction for 5 June 2019 – Peru vs Costa Rica

American Football Betting Score Prediction tonight presents a classic match between Peru vs Costa Rica, which will take place on Wednesday, 5 June 2019 at 00:00 WIB, at the Monumental Stadium.

This time America will host a friendlies match aimed at preparing for the Copa America that will take place in the next few years. This preparation also shows the new strength of Peru, which are currently growing rapidly with a young squad.

On the other hand, the country that made it into the 2014 World Cup quarter-finals, Costa Rica are ready to provide resistance to Peru with almost complete strength as young and experienced players, are combined into one with the hope of repeating the success of 2014.

Now, Peru look more ready than Costa Rica, those who acted as hosts, were under pressure from the public themselves that they had to win as in their final match record they were less positive.

Reunited with a tough opponent, it is hoped that Peru can show more abilities, in order to grow and get good results in the upcoming Copa America.

Asian Handicap Market – Peru vs Costa Rica:
Peru 0: 1/2 Costa Rica

Score Prediction – Peru vs Costa Rica:
Peru 1-1 Costa Rica

Costa Rica themselves have a pretty good record when meeting Peru, it can be seen from their last five meetings. Costa Rica managed to collect one victory, two draws and two defeats. That means Costa Rica can still provide resistance at every meeting.

Although acting as the host, Peru certainly will not play with the core squad throughout the round. Predicted by the reserve players they will be given the opportunity, especially for young players to gain playing experience.

If this situation occurs, Costa Rica will be able to put pressure on the host. This result will refer to a draw. According to our prediction team, the score that is worth as much as the winning percentage up to now is balanced.

Head to Head Matches – Peru vs Costa Rica:
[11/21/18] Peru 2 – 3 Costa Rica
[08/16/12] Costa Rica 0-1 Peru
[09/10/10] Peru 2 – 0 Costa Rica
[3/27/08] Peru 3 – 1 Costa Rica
[8/22/07] Costa Rica 1 – 1 Peru

Peru’s Last 5 Matches:
[17/10/18] United States 1 – 1 Peru
[11/16/18] Peru 0-2 Ecuador
[11/21/18] Peru 2 – 3 Costa Rica
[23/03/19] Peru 1 – 0 Paraguay
[3/27/19] Peru 0 – 2 El Salvador

Costa Rica’s Last 5 Matches:
[11/17/18] Chile 2 – 3Costa Rica
[11/21/18] Peru 2 – 3 Costa Rica
[03/02/19] United States 2 – 0 Costa Rica
[23/03/19] Guatemala 1 – 0 Costa Rica
[3/3/19] Costa Rica 1 – 0 Jamaica

Team Players:
Peru: Gallese – Advincula – Callens – Trauco – Araujo – Yotun – Cueva – Carrillo – Tapia – Flores – Reyna.
Costa Rica: Navas – Gonzalez – Waston – Matarrita – Calvo – Fuller – Borges – Cruz – Ruiz – Campbell – George.

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