Soccer Prediction for 29 June 2019 – Colombia vs Chile

2019 Copa America Betting Score Prediction today presents a classic match between Colombia vs Chile, which will be live broadcasted by RCTI, on Saturday, 29 June 2019 at 06:00 WIB, at the Corinthians Stadium Arena.

The quarter-final of 2019 Copa America this time presents a hot match that will surely occur as the two teams that will compete now, are teams full of experience and the contents of star-studded players, will force till the end of the match with a victory.

If we dissect the journey of these two teams in the group phase zone, then we can say both teams are fairly good. But the most remarkable result was that Colombia managed to close all of their matches with a perfect victory, so they advanced to this stage with the status of group winners.

Even though it’s different, the journey of Chile isn’t bad. They managed to occupy the second place in Group C with 6 points from two wins and one defeat. These results differ only slightly from Uruguay, who are the winner.

This difference will not actually be a reflection of who will emerge as the winner, because these two teams already know each other’s respective games and it can be ascertained that their experience is successfully summarized in the scheme of reading the opponent’s game.

Asian Handicap Market – Colombia vs Chile:
Colombia 0: 0 Chile

Score Prediction – Colombia vs Chile:
Colombia 1-1 Chile

At their last meeting, these two teams shared the results 0-0, and this result left one time and twice the same draw from both teams. In other words, the winning percentage is quite balanced with the results of 50:50. Both teams are claimed to be ready to play with their best players, because this meeting is arguably like last chance for them.

Our prediction team also boldly said that luck is one thing that will determine the final score of this match. And we saw that luck was in favor of Colombia, which had failed several editions to become champions.

It is this predicate that demands James Rodriguez cs to appear consistent with their enthusiasm and high confidence that they will win. On that basis, our prediction team is more in favor of Colombia with a 2-1 victory, as Alexis Sanchez cs will be able to provide resistance and it’s just luck that able to close today’s match.

Head to Head Matches – Colombia vs Chile:
[12/12/12] Chile 1 – 3 Colombia
[12/10/13] Colombia 3 – 3 Chile
[11/13/15] Chile 1 – 1 Colombia
[06/23/16] Colombia 0 – 2 Chile
[11/11/16] Colombia 0 – 0 Chile

Colombia’s Last 5 Matches:
[04/06/19] Colombia 3-0 Panama
[06/10/19] Colombia 0 – 3 Peru
[06/16/19] Argentina 0 – 2 Colombia
[06/06/19] Colombia 1 – 0 Qatar
[06/26/19] Colombia 1 – 0 Paraguay

Chile’s Last 5 Matches:
[03/27/19] United States 1 – 1 Chile
[06/06/19] Chile 2 – 1 Haiti
[06/18/19] Japan 0-4 Chile
[06/22/19] Ecuador 1 – 2 Chile
[06/25/19] Chile 0 – 1 Uruguay

Team Players:
Colombia: D. Ospina – O. Murillo – S. Arias – D. Sanchez – C. Borja – J. Rodriguez – J. Quintero – M. Uribe – W. Barrios – R. Falcao – C. Bacca.
Chile: Arias – M. Isla / G. Medel / G. Maripan / A. Vidal J. Fuenzalida / C. Aranguiz / J. Beausejour E. Pulgar / A. Sanchez / E. Vargas.

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