Soccer Prediction for 29 August 2019 – Slavic Prague vs CFR Cluj

Europa League Betting Score Prediction tonight presents a super-hot match between Slavia Prague vs CFR Cluj, which will take place on Thursday, 29 August 2019 at 02:00 WIB, at the Sinobo Stadium.

The history of the meeting produced a bad impression for the CFR, where Slavia Prague always won over them from its last two meetings. In this Europa League event, the situation is more favorable for Slavia Prague, considering they won 1-0 on away in the first leg yesterday.

Now playing in front of the public and excelling in the aggregate, is believed to be increasingly making the stronghold of Slavia Prague eager to complete the match. The tactics of attacking games will certainly be applied by Slavia Prague, aiming for a quick goal is a smooth move to suppress CFR, which is so poorly facing the counter-attack process.

When it comes to quality, then Slavic Prague quality is slightly better than CFR when talking to the players. As for this quality, it proves that Slavia Prague deserves to be advanced to the next round.

Asian Handicap Market – Slavia Prague vs CFR Cluj:
Slavia Prague 0:1 CFR Cluj

Score Prediction – Slavia Prague vs CFR Cluj:
Slavia Prague 3-1 CFR Cluj

For now, the handicap market is very reasonable and it is possible for them to win with a big score. Although CFR plays openly, but the prediction is not expected to be responded to by Slavia Prague, who is famous for playing a little smooth by starting an attack from below.

Conditions will actually be very favorable Slavia Prague, and a score of 3-1 is considered as a worthy score to close today’s match, considering the mental condition of the confidence of Slavic Prague players is better than CFR.

Head To Head Matches – Slavia Prague vs CFR Cluj:
[21.08.19] CFR Cluj 0-1 Slavia Prague
[11.07.10] CFR Cluj 2-4 Slavia Prague

Slavia Prague’s Last 5 Matches:
[21.08.19] CFR Cluj 0-1 Slavia Prague
[16.08.19] Ceske Budejovice 0-3 Slavia Prague
[11.08.19] Slavia Prague 1-0 Liberec
[04.08.19] Karvina 0-0 Slavia Prague
[29.07.19] Slavia Prague 1-0 Sigma Olomouc

CFR Cluj’s Last 5 Matches:
[21.08.19] CFR Cluj 0-1 Slavia Prague
[18.08.19] Sepsi Sf. Gheorghe 1-1 CFR Cluj
[14.08.19] Celtic 3-4 CFR Cluj
[11.08.19] CFR Cluj 3-0 FC Hermannstadt
[08.08.19] CFR Cluj 1-1 Celtic

Team Players:
Slavia Prague: Kolar, Coufal, Kudela, Hovorka, Boril, Soucek, Traore, Masopusht, Stanciu, Olayinka, Van Buren.
CFR Cluj: Arlauskis, Camora, Burca, Vinicius, Susic, Djokovic, Bordeianu, Aurelio, Deac, Omrani, Rondon.

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