Soccer Prediction for 28 July 2019 – Semen Padang vs Persebaya

Indonesia Liga 1 Betting Score Prediction today presents a super match between Semen Padang vs Persebaya, which will take place on Sunday, 28 July 2019 at 15:30 WIB, at the Haji Agus Salim Sports Stadium.

The 2019-20 Indonesia Liga 1 has showed a big change, where the strong team of Semen Padang must fight in the relegation zone by just gaining 3 points from 8 times. Now they will fight again to get points to get out of the red zone.

To be able to get out of the zone is indeed a bit heavy, because they will entertain Persebaya, whose notes are of a better level than Semen Padang. In the meantime, Persebaya is ranked 8th with 13 points. Their journey was fairly good, although not stable, but at least they had resistance to being able to penetrate the top 10.

The situation of these two teams was quite inversely proportional, with the full strength of the Semen Padang team unable to face the pressure for the pressure that occurred both in the initial match to the last. Now with great enthusiasm and ambition remaining, Semen Padang is predicted to play loose and suppress.

Asian Handicap Market – Semen Padang vs Persebaya:
Semen Padang 0: 0 Persebaya

Score Prediction – Semen Padang vs Persebaya:
Semen Padang 1-1 Persebaya

Persebaya certainly has the view that Semen Padang will play aggressively, realizing that the move will be used by Persebaya, to be able to get an open opportunity to counterattack. It should be noted that Persebaya has a winger who has speed and is able to suppress the opponent’s defender.

Here our prediction team considers that this match will be won by Persebaya, as Semen Padang is not enough to survive until the normal round. With the aggressiveness of the attacks compiled by them, it was predicted that it would become a boomerang.

The score that deserves to close the match today is a thin score of 1-2 for Persebaya.

Head To Head Matches – Semen Padang vs Persebaya:
[14.04.13] Semen Padang 3-0 Persebaya
[14.04.12] Semen Padang 2-1 Persebaya
[11.12.11] Persebaya 0-1 Semen Padang

Semen Padang’s Last 5 Matches:
[17.07.19] Semen Padang 2-3 Bhayangkara Utd
[12.07.19] Semen Padang 0-1 Arema FC
[08.07.19] Semen Padang 1-3 TIRA Persikabo
[28.06.19] Persipura Jayapura 1-1 Semen Padang
[21.06.19] Semen Padang 1-2 Badak Lampung

Persebaya’s Last 5 Matches:
[21.07.19] Persebaya 1-1 TIRA Persikabo
[17.07.19] PSM Makassar 2-1 Persebaya
[13.07.19] PSS Sleman 2-1 Persebaya
[09.07.19] Persebaya 2-2 Barito Putera
[05.07.19] Persebaya 4-0 Persib Bandung

Team Players:
Semen Padang: Iqbal Bachtiar, Muhammad Rifki, Shukurali Pulatov, Agung Prasetyo, Leo Guntara, Mario Barcia, Fridolin Yoku, Victor Juffo, Dedi Hartono, Riski Novriansyah, Irsyad Maulana.
Persebaya: Abdul Rohim, Mokhamad Syaifuddin, Otavio Dutra, Hansamu Yama Pranata, Novan Setya, Misbakus Solikin, Muhammad Hidayat, Damian Emanuel Lizio, M Alwi, Amido Balde, Manu Jalilov.

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