Soccer Prediction for 28 August 2019 – Rosenborg Vs D. Zagreb

Champions League Qualifying Betting Score Prediction tonight presents a hot match between Rosenborg vs D. Zagreb, which will take place on Wednesday, 28 August 2019 at 02:00 WIB, at Lerkendal Stadion.

The 2019-2020 Champions League qualifying has entered into the second leg round, where D. Zagreb is slightly favored after a 2-0 home win over Rosenborg. This result is certainly a tough road for the host to turn things around and win the aggregate. Rosenborg must be able to win with a total of three goals without reply, if they want to advance to the next round.

The situation and mental condition of self-confidence of Rosenborg players improved slightly, they were so confident they could beat D. Zagreb. Playing at home trying to be used by Rosenborg to continue to give emphasis to D. Zagreb, who successfully locked the victory in the first leg yesterday with a counter-attack process.

Now all was focused on Rosenborg’s preparations for anticipating the dangerous D. Zagreb counter-attack, and what had been shown by them at the beginning of yesterday’s meeting had to be a serious lesson. In other words, Rosenborg is still more favored than D. Zagreb, who is only dangerous when playing at home.

Asian Handicap Market – Rosenborg Vs D. Zagreb:
Rosenborg 0:0 D. Zagreb

Score Prediction – Rosenborg Vs D. Zagreb:
Rosenborg 1-1 D. Zagreb

Apart from the D. Zagreb aggregate advantage over Rosenborg, our prediction team does not agree with the current developing market. Excellence is worthy of showing Rosenborg, despite their shortcomings in anticipating the opponent’s counterattack. Our prediction team will continue to side with the host.

The prediction of a big victory score will be obtained by Rosenborg, considering the locking of the game that will be applied by the host, will be able to trouble D. Zagreb by not being able to develop the game, so that the host players easily enter the opponent’s defense zone.

A big score referred to here is a two-goal win without reply, so this match will be decided in the shootout, as extra time cannot determine who qualifies for the next round.

Head To Head Matches – Rosenborg Vs D. Zagreb:
[22.08.19] D. Zagreb 2-0 Rosenborg

Rosenborg’s Last 5 Matches:
[22.08.19] D. Zagreb 2-0 Rosenborg
[17.08.19] Odd 1-1 Rosenborg
[14.08.19] Rosenborg 3-1 Maribor
[10.08.19] Rosenborg 5-2 Tromso
[08.08.19] Maribor 1-3 Rosenborg

D. Zagreb’s Last 5 Matches:
[22.08.19] D. Zagreb 2-0 Rosenborg
[17.08.19] Zapresic 1-2 D. Zagreb
[14.08.19] Ferencvaros 0-4 D. Zagreb
[10.08.19] Osijek 0-0 D. Zagreb
[07.08.19] D. Zagreb 1-1 Ferencvaros

Team Players:
Rosenborg: Hansen, Meling, Hovland, Reginiussen, Hedenstad, Konradsen, Lundemo, Asen, De lanlay, Soderlund, Helland.
D. Zagreb: Livakovic, Pinto, Leskovic, Peric, Leovac, Kadzior, Ademi, Gojak, Hajrovic, Gavranovic, Orsic.

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