Soccer Prediction for 26 July 2019 – Arema vs Bhayangkara

Indonesia Liga 1 Betting Score Prediction today presents a hot match between Arema vs Bhayangkara, which will be live broadcasted by Indosiar, on Friday, 26 July 2019 at 15:30 WIB, at the Kanjuruhan Stadium.

The 2019-20 Indonesia Liga 1 standings show Bhayangkara who acts as the visitors, is ranked 4th with 15 points, while the host Arema is ranked 11th with 12 points. This status gives a little view that Bhayangkara is better than Arema.

Arema can be read very easily that they experience a moment of decline in performance. Had been in the relegation zone, Arema slowly got up and succeeded out of the red zone. Now it all depends on the readiness of the team, stated by themselves that the bad moment happened because some of the core players were injured.

The situation experienced by Arema is clearly different compared to Bhayangkara, where they look so aggressive every week. Evidently, Bhayangkara was once the leader of the standings, but in the end slowly began to decline.

Asian Handicap Market – Arema vs Bhayangkara:
Arema 0: 0 Bhayangkara

Score Prediction – Arema vs Bhayangkara:
Arema 1-1 Bhayangkara

Referring to the situation and conditions of these two teams, it can be said that this match will run hot with both of them applying open play to get a gap to attack. The target of reaching three points is the main basis why they rely on attack patterns.

One big ambition will be seen from Bhayangkara, as they experience bad memories in their last match. Where Bhayangkara was badly defeated 0-4 from Arema, and the defeat was predicted to be a whip for Bhayangkara players to avenge.

Amidst good conditions now, Bhayangkara predicts that he will be able to provide resistance by mastering more matches because they have the advantage of a stronger midfield. Apart from all that, our team was more in favor of Arema because of the tradition of the previous matches.

Head to Head Matches – Arema vs Bhayangkara:
[30/03/19] Bhayangkara 0 – 4 Arema
[24/10/18] Bhayangkara 0 – 0 Arema
[22/05/18] Arema 4 – 0 Bhayangkara
[30/01/18] Arema 0 – 0 Bhayangkara
[04/08/17] Bhayangkara 2 – 1 Arema

Arema’s Last 5 Matches:
[29/06/19] Arema 1 – 2 TIRA-Persikabo
[04/07/19] Arema 3 – 1 Persipura View events
[12/07/19] Semen Padang 0 – 1 Arema
[16/07/19] Arema 4 – 1 Badak Lampung
[20/07/19] Madura United 1 – 0 Arema

Bhayangkara’s Last 5 Matches:
[30/06/19] Persib 1 – 2 Bhayangkara
[04/07/19] Bhayangkara 1 – 1 TIRA-Persikabo
[13/07/19] PSM 2 – 1 Bhayangkara
[17/07/19] Semen Padang 2 – 3 Bhayangkara
[21/07/19] Bhayangkara 0 – 1 Persipura

Team Players:
Arema FC: Joko Ribowo; Syaiful Indra, Israel Wamiau, Purwaka Yudi, Bagas Adi; Dendi Santoso, Ahmet Atayev, Hendro Siswanto, Ahmad Alfarizi; Ahmad Nur Hardianto, Rivaldi Bawio.
Bhayangkara FC: Awan Setho; Putu Gede, Vladimir Vujovic, Jajang Mulyana, Alsan Sanda; Wahyu Subo, Lee Yu-jun, Hargianto, Vendry Mofu; Nikola Komazec, Herman Dzumafo.

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