Soccer Prediction for 25 June 2019 – Tunisia vs Angola

Africa Cup of Nations Betting Score Prediction tonight presents a hot match between Tunisia vs Angola, which will be held on Tuesday, 25 June 2019 at 00:00 WIB, at the New Suez Stadium.

Group E of 2019 Africa Cup of Nations is ready to present an amazing match with quality that is worth witnessing. Although it still consider a middle class match, but we can be sure both teams will fight hard in an effort to win the first victory.

This inaugural match is predicted to be very heavy for both teams, because in every first game the international class will be very heavy as the pressure is very big. Tunisia, as a more favored team, is claimed to be ready to play with its best squad, while Angola, which has the title as a lower class team, will only play with its local players.

The status for a while shows that Tunisia is a team that is more favored, if we look at the quality and experiences. It can be seen from the statistics that came out showed that Tunisia deserved to win with a big score.

Asian Handicap Market – Tunisia vs Angola:
Tunisia 0: 1 Angola

Score Prediction – Tunisia vs Angola:
Tunisia 3-1 Angola

Speaking of experience, Tunisia is still better than Angola. They have been included in the World Cup stage, as well as always giving a surprise on the African Cup stage. While Angola is a team that has always been the months of big teams including Tunisia itself.

Based on existing statistics, Tunisia almost always wins over Angola. Although in its last match ended with a draw, but the score is believed to be not a guarantee because Tunisia is growing, while Angola has always succumbed to not reaching its best level.

Now it is all the more clear that Tunisia is better than Angola, and the market that comes out is showing what’s really happen, because Tunisia has a number of players who play on the stage of the world’s best leagues.

Head to Head Matches – Tunisia vs Angola:
[05/27/05] Tunisia 4 – 1 Angola
[02/02/08] Tunisia 0 – 0 Angola
[08/20/08] Tunisia 1 – 1 Angola

Tunisia’s Last 5 Matches:
[11/21/18] Tunisia 0-1 Morocco
[03/23/19] Tunisia 4 – 0 Eswatini
[03/27/19] Algeria 1 – 0 Tunisia
[06/06/19] Tunisia 2 – 0 Iraq
[12/06/19] Croatia 1 – 2 Tunisia

Angola’s Last 5 Matches:
[03/23/19] Botswana 0 – 1 Angola
[05/19/19] Angola (CANCEL) Eswatini
[05/28/19] Mauritius (CANCEL) Angola
[05/29/19] Angola (CANCEL) Comoros
[06/06/19] Angola 2 – 0 Guinea Bissau

Team Players:
Tunisia: Balbouli, Oussama Haddadi, Yassine Meriah, Rami Bedoui, Hamdi Nagguez; Ghilane Chaalali, Ellyes Skhiri, Ferjani Sassi; Naim Sliti; Wahbi Khazri, Fakhreddine Ben Youssef.
Angola: Antonio Dominique – Natael – Silva – Gomito – Buá – Gelson – Yano – Ary Papel – Manucho Dinis – Mingo Bille – Isaac.

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