Soccer Prediction for 25 June 2019 – Chile vs Uruguay

2019 Copa America Betting Score Prediction tonight presents a classic match between Chile vs Uruguay, which will be live broadcasted by RCTI, on Tuesday, 25 June 2019 at 06:00 WIB, at Jornalista Mario Filho Stadium.

Group C of 2019 Copa America finally has entered the final stage, where Uruguay as the top standings will face Chile, who in their last match were able to win a landslide victory over Japan 4-0. Now their journey in predictions will be even easier, when they win the match against Ecuador.

Talking about statistics if the meeting of the two teams always presents a match with hot tension, these two teams always play hard with each other and surely no one wants to succumb to a normal game. Chile is known as a strong team when defending or attacking.

They seem to be able to control the game when the opposing team is under pressure. In contrast to Chile, Uruguay is a team that is claimed to always be slow to heat even though in the squad the players are filled with experienced players who are poor across the world’s best league stage.

The last meeting took place in the 2016 season, where Chile managed to beat Uruguay with a landslide score 3-1. Now in a superior situation thanks to two consecutive wins, it is believed that Chile’s game will be increasingly fierce and Uruguay itself will be more depressed if only they continue to apply the same tactics.

Asian Handicap Market – Chile vs Uruguay:
Chile 0: 0 Uruguay

Score Prediction – Chile vs Uruguay:
Chile 1-1 Uruguay

From last five meetings that have been played before, Chile won by collecting three wins and the rest won by Uruguay. This note at least illustrates that Chile is still above the wind compared to Uruguay, which is currently still strengthened by Luis Suarez and Edison Cavani.

These two players have actually been considered down, seen from the previous few matches they have seen difficulties in scoring goals. Unlike Uruguay, Chile looks so confident when in the opposing line of defense.

Both the forward and midfielder all appear to be able to break down the opponent’s goal. Now all predictions lead to Chile’s victory, a thin 2-1 score is considered appropriate to close the match today, although Uruguay is able to provide resistance, but Chile’s tactics are claimed to be more creative so that it can always be troublesome for the Uruguay defense.

Head to Head Matches – Chile vs Uruguay:
[11/16/16] Chile 3 – 1 Uruguay
[11/18/15] Uruguay 3 – 0 Chile
[06/25/15] Chile 1 – 0 Uruguay
[11/19/14] Chile 1 – 2 Uruguay
[03/27/13] Chile 2 – 0 Uruguay

Chile’s Last 5 Matches:
[11/21/18] Chile 4 – 1 Honduras
[03/23/19] Mexico 3 – 1 Chile
[03/27/19] United States 1 – 1 Chile
[06/06/19] Chile 2 – 1 Haiti
[06/18/19] Chile 0 – 4 Japan

Uruguay’s Last 5 Matches:
[03/22/19] Uruguay 3 – 0 Uzbekistan
[03/25/19] Thailand 0 – 4 Uruguay
[06/06/19] Uruguay 3 – 0 Panama
[06/06/19] Uruguay 4 – 0 Ecuador
[06/21/19] Uruguay 2 – 2 Japan

Team Players:
Chile: Arias – Jara – Isla – Medel – Opazo – Maripan – Vidal – Aranguiz – Pavez – Valdes – Castillo.
Uruguay: Muslera – Caceres – Godín – Gimenez – Gonzalez – Lodeiro – Vecino – Pereiro – Nandez – Valverde – Stuani.

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