Soccer Prediction for 24 June 2019 – Qatar Vs Argentina

2019 Copa America Betting Score Prediction tonight presents a hot match between Qatar vs Argentina, which will take place Monday, 24 June 2019 at 02:00 WIB, at the Arena do Gremio Stadium.

Group B of 2019 Copa America is one of the most interesting matches to look forward to. We could say it was Argentina, who made this group getting more attention. But for the most time, Argentina’s fate is at stake.

It can be proven that they now have the potential to fail move to the next round. Although in this last match, Lionel Messi is predicted to win big against Qatar. But it is not a sure guarantee that the victory will lead them to the big 16 party.

In the meantime, Argentina is at the bottom of the Group B standings, with 1 point achievement from two matches. While Qatar is ranked third with the same achievement and also the results of the same match with the opponent.

The possibility of not qualifying for the next round is very possible, because the top two teams such as Colombia and Paraguay both collect 6 points and two points. If they win a draw in the last week, then Argentina’s victory over Qatar will be in vain.

Asian Handicap Market – Qatar vs Argentina:
Qatar 2: 0 Argentina

Score Prediction – Qatar vs Argentina:
Qatar 0-4 Argentina

Apart from the bad situation in Argentina, of course this match was very important for them in the hope that goddess Fortuna would take sides. Against Qatar is clearly not a difficult matter for Messi CS, because they win quality and quantity both in terms of players and experience.

In this match Argentina in the prediction of an absolute win, even many bookies dare to issue a big handicap to Qatar. The match is predicted to be an experience for Qatar in its preparation to host the upcoming 2020 World Cup.

They claimed not to think too much about the results, because they realized they were dealing with a team that had been three times the World Cup champion. With a game that will be controlled by Messi, it is quite possible that a big 4-0 score will occur based on the pressure that is placed on the Tango Team players.

Head to Head Matches – Qatar vs Argentina:
[11/16/05] Qatar 0 – 3 Argentina

Qatar’s Last 5 Matches:
[01/25/19] South Korea 0 – 1 Qatar
[01/29/19] Qatar 4 – 0 UAE
[02/02/19] Japan 1 – 3 Qatar
[06/06/19] Brazil 2-0 Qatar
[06/06/19] Paraguay 2-2 Qatar

Argentina’s Last 5 Matches:
[11/21/18] Argentina 2-0 Mexico
[03/23/19] Argentina 1 – 3 Venezuela
[03/27/19] Morocco 0 – 1 Argentina
[08/06/19] Argentina 5-1 Nicaragua
[06/16/19] Argentina 0 – 2 Colombia

Team Players:
Qatar: Saad Al Sheeb – Boualem Khoukhi – Abdelkarim Hassan – Pedro Miguel Correia – Abdulaziz Hatem – Assim Madibo – Tarek Salman – Bassam Hisham – Hassan Al Heidos – Almoez Ali – Akram Afif.
Argentina: Andrada – Kannemann – Pezzella – Montiel – Pereyra – Paredes – de Paul – Rodriguez – Acuna – Dybala – Lautaro Martinez.

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