Soccer Prediction for 21 July 2019 – Bhayangkara vs Persipura

Indonesia Liga 1 Betting Score Prediction tonight presents a classic match between Bhayangkara vs Persipura, which will be live broadcasted by Indosiar, on Sunday, 21 July 2019 at 18:30 WIB, at the Patriot Stadium, Bekasi.

The 2019-20 Indonesia Liga 1 has entered the 10th week, where the decline performance occurred in the Bhayangkara’s side after experiencing some bad results in its last two matches. It can be seen that their position is now ranked 6th after previously being in the top four.

Now the struggle of Bhayangkara is increasingly difficult, because they will face a strong and experienced team in the Indonesian League, Persipura. Even though the team is big, Persipura is now very different, because they have experienced a very drastic decline and it is seen that they are still ranked 15th.

This difference in position directly responded to many bookies, and for now it is very visible that Bhayangkara deserves to be championed not only as the host, but their mental condition is still better than the visitors.

Asian Handicap Market – Bhayangkara vs Persipura:
Bhayangkara 0: 1/2 Persipura

Score Prediction – Bhayangkara vs Persipura:
Bhayangkara 2-1 Persipura

Referring to the existing statistics, our prediction team strongly recommends the score players to keep their views on the host, Bhayangkara. They are a strong team when playing at home, with the support of their supporters, Bhayangkara is increasingly becoming and almost always ending the game with a positive value.

Now all shows that the conditions and situations of Bhayangkara are better than Persipura, even though the guests are urged to get points, but if we see their game now, it can be said to be very heavy for them, as the game of Persipura is still standard without any variation in various lines.

A score of 2-0 victory was very worthy of showing to Bhayangkara. For Persipura, in this case could not develop the game even though it was filled by some new players with star level.

Head to Head Matches – Bhayangkara vs Persipura:
[19/11/18] Bhayangkara 2 – 0 Persipura
[07/07/18] Persipura 0 – 2 Bhayangkara
[11/03/18] Bhayangkara 0 – 1 Persipura
[09/09/17] Bhayangkara 2 – 1 Persipura
[12/05/17] Persipura 3 – 2 Bhayangkara

Bhayangkara’s Last 5 Matches:
[21/06/19] PSS Sleman 1 – 1 Bhayangkara
[26/06/19] Bhayangkara 3 – 1 Persela
[30/06/19] Persib 1 – 2 Bhayangkara
[04/07/19] Bhayangkara 1 – 1 TIRA-Persikabo
[13/07/19] PSM 2 – 1 Bhayangkara

Persipura’s Last 5 Matches:
[31/05/19] Persipura 1 – 1 PSS Sleman
[23/06/19] TIRA-Persikabo 2 – 1 Persipura
[28/06/19] Persipura 1 – 1 Semen Padang
[04/07/19] Arema 3 – 1 Persipura
[10/07/19] Persipura 1 – 1 Badak Lampung

Team Players:
Bhayangkara FC: Wahyu Tri Nugroho, Alsan Sanda, Indra Kahfi, Vladimir Vujovic, M Fatcu Rochman, Adam Alis, Lee Yoo-joon, Wahyu Subo Seto, Vendry Mofu, Herman Dzumafo, Marinus Wanemar.
Persipura Jayapura: Panggih Prio, Tinus Pae, Ricardo Salampessy, Marcio Nascimento, Valentino Telaubun, Ian Louis Kabes, Muhammad Tahir, Gunansar Mandowen, Boaz Solossa, Hilton Moreira, Priska Womsiwor.

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