Soccer Prediction for 20 October 2019 – Angers Vs Stade Brestois

French Ligue 1 Betting Score Predictions tonight presents a classic match between Angers Vs Stade Brestois, which will take place on Sunday, 20 October 2019 at 01:00 WIB, at the Raymond Kopa Stadium.

The 2019-2020 French Ligue 1 gives a little tension in every week, and including in the 10th week which will bring together the two top six ranked teams. Both Angers and Stade Brestois are equally likely to win, when referring to the existing percentage.

For now, Angers is ranked 3 with 16 points, while Stade Brestois is ranked 6 with 14 points. Then it can be proven that the level of the two teams is balanced by the distance of achievement points that are so close, in other words, this match will run fiercely every second.

Acting as the host makes Angers more favored position, and the improvement of the game every week makes them more mature. In other words, Angers will be able to control the game so that Stade Brestois is not able to develop.

Asian Handicap Market – Angers Vs Stade Brestois:
Angers 0:1 Stade Brestois

Score Prediction – Angers Vs Stade Brestois:
Angers 2-0 Stade Brestois

Referring to the existing status, here see the difference in the game Stade Brestois, it can be proven how the results of the last match by being able to win 2-0 over Metz, and in that match also, their game is very neat both in attack and defense.

Now with a difficult mission to play in the midst of Angers, it is predicted that both teams will bring down their best squad, and apart from that, our prediction team is more in favor of the host, as they are more mature with the progress of the game a little better than Stade Brestois.

Head to Head – Angers Vs Stade Brestois:
[27/01/15] Angers 1 – 2 Stade Brestois
[16/08/14] Stade Brestois 0 – 0 Angers
[19/03/14] Stade Brestois 1 – 0 Angers
[31/08/13] Angers 2 – 1 Stade Brestois
[27/03/10] Stade Brestois 2 – 0 Angers

Angers’ Last 5 Matches:
[14/09/19] Lille 2 – 1 Angers
[22/09/19] Angers 4 – 1 Saint Etienne
[26/09/19] Toulouse 0 – 2 Angers
[29/09/19] Angers 1 – 1 Amiens
[05/10/19] Paris Saint Germain 4 – 0 Angers

Stade Brestois’ Last 5 Matches:
[15/09/19] Stade Brestois 0 – 0 Stade Rennais
[22/09/19] Bordeaux 2 – 2 Stade Brestois
[26/09/19] Stade Brestois 2 – 2 Olympique Lyonnais
[29/09/19] AS Monaco 4 – 1 Stade Brestois
[06/10/19] Stade Brestois 2 – 0 FC Metz

Line-up Prediction:
Angers: Butelle, Pavlovic, Traore, Manceau, Bamba, Mangani, Pajot, Capelle, Tait, Santamaria, Reine-Adelaide.
Stade Brestois: Larsonneur, Bernard, Weber, Charles, Faussurier, Autret, Pi, Sissoko, Coeff, Charbonnier, Diallo.

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