Soccer Prediction for 18 June 2019 – Japan vs Chile

2019 Copa America Betting Score Prediction tonight presents a super match between Japan vs Chile, which will take place on Tuesday, 18 June 2019 at 06:00 WIB, at the Cicero Pompeu Toledo Stadium.

Group C of 2019 Copa America will open this game where Japan as the host will face Chile, who are currently in a phase of change to become a new team, by presenting several young players.

Chile’s target in the event this time clearly leads them to be able to prepare themselves as the defending champions. This status clearly gives big pressure to those who will try Japan as opposed to new ones, even though they have met twice in their records.

Based on the record of their previous meeting, Japan popped over Chile, where they were able to win once and draw once. However, the record is not a positive thing for Japan, and also a big advantage as now is a different season.

Chile is a big team, and now they are growing as a team with almost perfect strength as the improvement continues to be shown. In Group C, Chile became the seeded team that will qualify for the next round because they are so experienced.

Asian Handicap Market – Japan vs Chile:
Japan 1: 0 Chile

Score Prediction – Japan vs Chile:
Japan 1-3 Chile

Acting as the host is clearly not an easy matter for Japan to adapt. They are too thick with European football, and on this American continent. Japan must be able to strengthen their defense line with perfect physical strength, as the type of players of the continent is fast and strong.

The existing market now shows that Chile are a perfect force. They are able to provide resistance to Brazil and Argentina as championship favorite teams. Now all depends on how Japan prepare with their best squad.

Apart from all that, the current score predictions make it clear that Chile deserve to win from Japan. A thin score of 2-1 was predicted by our prediction team, as a decent score to close this match, because both teams competed in the first party by trying to maximize their best game.

Head to Head Matches – Japan vs Chile:
[05/27/09] Japan 4 – 0 Chile
[01/26/08] Japan 0 – 0 Chile

Japan’s Last 5 Matches:
[02/02/19] Japan 1 – 3 Qatar
[03/22/19] Japan 0-1 Colombia
[03/26/19] Japan 1 – 0 Bolivia
[06/06/19] Japan 0 – 0 Trinidad and Tobago
[06/06/19] Japan 2 – 0 El Salvador

Chile’s Last 5 Matches:
[11/17/18] Chile 2 – 3 Costa Rica
[11/21/18] Chile 4 – 1 Honduras
[23/03/19] Mexico 3 – 1 Chile
[3/27/19] United States 1 – 1 Chile
[06/06/19] Chile 2 – 1 Haiti

Team Players:
Japan: E. Kawashima – T. Makino – M. Yoshida – Y. Nagatomo – H. Sakai – G. Sakai – T. Usami – H. Yamaguchi – G. Shibasaki – S. Okazaki – Y. Muto.
Chile: J. Herrera – Gonzalo Jara – M. Isla – J. Fuenzalida – Gary Medel – P. Hernandez – Charles Aranguiz – J. Beausejour – O. Rodriguez – A. Vidal – E. Vargas.

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