Soccer Prediction for 17 July 2019 – Valletta vs F91 Dudelange

UEFA Champions League Qualifying Match Betting Score Prediction this season presents a hot match between Valletta vs F91 Dudelange, which will be held on Wednesday, 17 July 2019 at 01:00 WIB, at The Centenary Stadium.

Leg 2 of the 2019-20 Champions League qualifying round shows a quite different situation, although in the first leg yesterday they ended up with a draw, but this status is clearly not in favor of F91 Dudelange, who now alternately came as the visitors.

But for Valletta, now they only need a draw 0-0 to advance to the next round. But the draw is considered to be very far going, because they will keep attacking to have a better control in their own game.

Asian Handicap Market – Valletta vs F91 Dudelange:
Valletta 0: 1 F91 Dudelange

Score Prediction – Valletta vs F91 Dudelange:
Valletta 2-0 F91 Dudelange

Referring to the existing market, our prediction team dares to speculate that this match will be won by the host. F91 Dudelange is predicted to play more defense, and what they have produced in a few weeks has not shown anything different.

The results can be proven by themselves with the preparation of the players, who are less disciplined and proven the media tells that they will play with a mediocre player. If it is true that the situation happened, it is certain that Valletta will win big over F91 Dudelange.

Head to Head Matches – Valletta vs F91 Dudelange:
[10/07/19] F91 Dudelange 2 – 2 Valletta

Valletta’s Last 5 Matches:
[08/05/19] Hibernians 2 – 3 Valletta
[12/05/19] Gzira United 0 – 2 Valletta
[18/06/19] Balzan 4 – 4 Valletta
[22/06/19] Valletta 1 – 3 Gzira United
[10/07/19] F91 Dudelange 2 – 2 Valletta

F91 Dudelange’s Last 5 Matches:
[12/05/19] Hostert 3 – 4 F91 Dudelange
[19/06/19] F91 Dudelange 5 – 3 RM Hamm Benfica
[26/06/19] F91 Dudelange 5 – 0 Etzella Ettelbruck
[06/07/19] F91 Dudelange 4 – 3 Excelsior Virton
[10/07/19] F91 Dudelange 2 – 2 Valletta

Team Players:
Valletta: H. Bonello, S. Borg, R. Camilleri, J. Gill, S. Malano, M. Mifsud, J. Zerafa, C. Pani, M. Velasco, U. Umeh, Romeu.
F91 Dudelange: Joubert, Jordanov, Malget, Bisevac, Cruz, El Jritl; Sinani, Couturier, Kruska, Stolz; Turpel.

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