Soccer Prediction for 16 November 2019 – Finland vs Liechtenstein

UEFA Euro Qualifiers Betting Score Prediction this evening presents the classic match between Finland vs Liechtenstein, which will take place on Saturday, 16 November 2019 at 00:00 WIB, at the Sonera Stadium.

Group J of the 2020 UEFA Euro Group Qualifiers has entered in the 10th week, where this week still provides an opportunity for Finland, to accompany Italy to advance to the finals later. As can be seen now how Finland is ranked second with 15 points, and this achievement is enough to provide security for them in the pursuit of the team below.

The superiority that is seen can be ascertained by the current state of Liechtenstein, where they have not been able to move out from the bottom of the standings, and until now the achievement of 2 is still covering the days of Liechtenstein.

Based on existing statistics, at each meeting Liechtenstein has not been able to give a good performance, in the sense that they have never won over Finland. Now all the possibilities are still there, but still that playing at home alone will increasingly make Finland dangerous.

Asian Handicap Market – Finland Vs Liechtenstein:
Finland 0: 1 Liechtenstein

Score Prediction – Finland vs Liechtenstein:
Finland 3-0 Liechtenstein

The bookie also looks very right to dare to issue predictions of large scores, if dissecting the reason it is very reasonable, as Finland was able to win with a landslide score of 0-2 and the victory occurred at home to Liechtenstein.

It is appropriate for the players to play the top ball, and the advantage of a large score has the potential to occur, because Finland plays at home, and the intensity of their attacking tactics is even more dangerous with the arrival of several core players after recovering from injuries.

Head to Head – Finland vs Liechtenstein:
[12/06/19] Liechtenstein 0 – 2 Finland
[07/06/17] Finland 1 – 1 Liechtenstein
[09/09/09] Finland 1 – 1 Liechtenstein
[06/06/09] Finland 2 – 1 Liechtenstein

Finland’s Last 5 Matches:
[12/06/19] Liechtenstein 0-2 Finland
[06/09/19] Finland 1 – 0 Greece
[09/09/19] Finland 1-2 Italy
[12/10/19] Bosnia-Herzegovina 4 – 1 Finland
[10/15/19] Finland 3 – 0 Armenia

Liechtenstein’s Last 5 Matches:
[12/06/19] Liechtenstein 0-2 Finland
[06/09/19] Bosnia & Herzegovina 5 – 0 Liechtenstein
[09/09/19] Greece 1 – 1 Liechtenstein
[10/13/19] Armenia 1- 1 Liechtenstein
[10/16/19] Liechtenstein 0 – 5 Italy

Line-up Prediction:
Finland: Hradecky; Pirinen, Toivio, Arajuuri, Vaisanen; Lod, Kamara, Sparv, Soiri; Pukki, Karjalainen
Liechtenstein: Benjamin Buchel, Martin Rechsteiner, Andreas Malin, Daniel Kaufmann, Maximilian Goppel, Martin Buchel, Livio Meier, Nicolas Hasler, Sandro Wieser, Dennis Salanovic, Robin Gubser.

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