Soccer Prediction for 16 June 2019 – Argentina vs Colombia

2019 Copa America Betting Score Prediction tonight presents a classic match between Argentina vs Colombia, which will be live broadcasted on RCTI, on Sunday, 16 June 2019 at 05:00 WIB, at the Arena Fonte Nova Stadium.

The 2019 Copa America has been officially held, now the opening party will present one occupant of Group B between these two giant teams of the Americas, Argentina and Colombia. Speaking of the strength of these two teams, their experiences are said to be evenly distributed, although Argentina is slightly superior compared to the opponent.

Argentina’s situation and conditions are now far better than their preparations at the previous Copa America. Now the figure of Lionel Messi is claimed to be ready for 100 percent combat, in order to deliver Argentina to become a champion in the international arena.

It is well known that Argentina in this event can be said to be unlucky, especially when Messi joins the squad. It has been recorded that Argentina failed twice in the final and the group phase, now their status is getting better, because the squad is inhabited by quality players.

On the other hand, Colombia has also experienced positive developments in the last few seasons. Evidently, they participated in the 2018 World Cup event, and also the previous Copa America. Overall, the experience of James Rodriguez CS has been proven and predicted to be troublesome for the host defense.

Asian Handicap Market – Argentina vs Colombia:
Argentina 0: 1 Colombia

Score Prediction – Argentina vs Colombia:
Argentina 1-1 Colombia

Playing at home is not an easy matter, it can be seen from the last five meetings. Argentina is only able to collect two wins and the rest ends with a score draw. The development continues to be shown by both teams, and it can be said that this match will run hot.

Victory is Argentina’s main target, they are targeting to qualify for the next round very quickly. On that basis, Colombia must be careful with the movements that will be commanded by Messi in the front line, with the support of Aguero who successfully led Manchester City to the Premier League champions this season.

Colombia’s defense is predicted will be able to stem the attacks launched by Messi CS, the reason they are so aware of the opponent’s playing character. From their last meeting, they were able to hold a 0-0 draw and in this match Colombia was also supported with many predictions that they would hold Argentina.

Both teams so far have given a signal that they are ready to play with their best squad, they both realize that this meeting will run very hard, as the victory at the beginning will open their way easier to the next match.

Head to Head Matches – Argentina vs Colombia:
[08/06/13] Argentina 0-0 Colombia
[06/26/15] Argentina 0-0 Colombia
[11/18/15] Colombia 0-1 Argentina
[11/16/16] Argentina 3-0 Colombia
[12/09/18] Colombia 0 – 0 Argentina

Argentina’s Last 5 Matches:
[17/10/18] Argentina 0-1 Brazil
[11/17/18] Argentina 2-0 Mexico
[11/21/18] Argentina 2-0 Mexico
[3/23/19] Argentina 1 – 3 Venezuela
[3/27/19] Morocco 0 – 1 Argentina

Colombia’s Last 5 Matches:
[12/09/18] Colombia 0 – 0 Argentina
[12/10/18] United States 2-4 Colombia
[10/17/18] Colombia 3 – 1 Costa Rica
[03/22/19] Japan 0-1 Colombia
[03/26/19] Republic of Korea 2-1 Colombia

Team Players:
Argentina: Andrada – Kannemann – Pezzella – Montiel – Pereyra – Paredes – de Paul – Rodriguez – Messi – Dybala – Aguero.
Colombia: Arboleda – Mina – Sanchez – Orejuela – Borja – Cuellar – Uribe – Díaz – Zapata – Morelos – Villa.

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