Soccer Prediction for 15 November 2019 – Albania vs Andorra

UEFA Euro Qualifiers Betting Score Prediction tonight presents a classic match between Albania vs Andorra, which will take place on Friday, 15 November 2019 at 02:45 WIB, at the Elbasan Arena.

Group H of the 2020 UEFA Euro Qualifiers has entered the 9th week, where Albania with its final strength is predicted to settle in the top four, as the 12 points they have are not enough to get out of the situation.

No different from the host, Andorra has also been declared failed to advance to the next round, where they are still stuck in the top five. Having 3 points in the prediction will not be enough to challenge the other teams, and it can be said that their path to move to the next event has failed.

Come to Albania’s headquarters, Andorra does not have a positive record, and only bad results obtained. In other words, this match will be an advantage match for Albania, and Andorra itself is predicted to suffer more.

Asian Handicap Market – Albania vs Andorra:
Albania 0: 1 Andorra

Score Prediction – Albania vs Andorra:
Albania 4-0 Andorra

Referring to the status, it can be concluded that this match will be dominated by Albania. This prediction is based on the results of the inaugural meeting yesterday, despite playing at home, in fact, Andorra actually lost 0-3 from Albania.

Now the situation is changing, where Albania acts as the host, and Andorra plays as a guest team, who does not have the provision to face great pressure like this. In other words, this match deserves to be won by the host with a large score, as Andorra’s chances are tightly closed.

Head To Head – Albania vs Andorra:
[03/26/19] Andorra 0-3 Albania
[03/06/10] Albania 1-0 Andorra
[17/04/02] Andorra 2-0 Albania
[06/02/00] Albania 3-0 Andorra

Albania’s Last 5 Matches:
[12/06/19] Albanian 2-0 Moldova
[08/09/19] France 4-1 Albania
[08/09/19] Albania 4-2 Iceland
[12/10/19] Turkey 4-1 Albania
[10/15/19] Moldova 0-4 Albania

Andorra’s Last 5 Matches:
[12/06/19] Andorra 0-4 France
[08/09/19] Turkey 1-0 Andorra
[11/09/19] France 3-0 Andorra
[12/10/19] Andorra 1-0 Moldova
[10/15/19] Iceland 2-0 Andorra

Line-up Prediction:
Albania: Thomas Strakosha, E. Lenjani, E. Hysaj, Weight Djimsiti, Kastriot Dermaku, Ardian Ismajli, Ledian Memushaj, Klaus Gjasula, Keidi Bare, Sokol Cikalleshi, Rey Manaj.
Andorra: Josep Gómes, Ildefons Lima, Marc Vales, Moisés San Nicolás, Marc Rebés, Chus Rubio, Max Llovera, Joan Cervós, Marcio Vieira, Cristian Martínez, Ludo.

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