Soccer Prediction for 14 November 2019 – Yemen Vs Palestine

World Cup Qualifiers Asian Zone Betting Score Prediction tonight presents a classic match between Yemen vs Palestine, which will take place on Thursday, 14 November 2019 at 22:00 WIB, at Sheikh Ali Bin Mohammed Al Khalifa.

Group D of World Cup Qualifiers have entered the 5th week and it still shows an intense competition. This time, Yemen will try its luck again by entertaining a strong team, Palestine, which is currently ranked third with 4 points.

In contrast to the opponent, Yemen is at the bottom of the standings, and is claimed to be the team bearing the other teams to be able to get a value. If we refer to the predicate, then Palestine will win easily and Yemen will not change much.

For now, achieving 4 points owned by Palestine more or less gives hope to shift the position of the team above, because it just one point away. The status is predicted to add to the pounding power of the enthusiasm of the Palestinian players to patent themselves as new representatives.

Asian Handicap Market – Yemen vs Palestine:
Yemen 0: 0 Palestine

Score Prediction – Yemen vs Palestine:
Yemen 1-2 Palestine

The statistics of these two teams themselves show that the strength of Yemen, both past and present is still not enough to provide resistance to Palestine. It can be seen from the results of the last four meetings, where Palestine won three times and only lost once.

These results have answered that Palestine is still better than Yemen. The results of the handicap market that came out already explained that the level of Palestinian games was still higher than Yemen. On that basis, Yemen is still considered inexperienced by other Asian representative teams.

Head to Head – Yemen vs Palestine:
[07/31/19] Yemen 0-1 Palestine
[3/22/17] Yemen 0-1 Palestine
[6/18/12] Yemen 1 – 2 Palestine
[27/09/10] Palestine 1-3 Yemen

Yemen’s Last 5 Matches:
[10/10/19] Uzbekistan 5 – 0 Yemen
[10/09/19] Yemen 2 – 2 Saudi Arabia
[05/09/19] Singapore 2 – 2 Yemen
[28/08/19] Oman 1 – 0 Yemen
[12/08/19] Iraq 2 – 1 Yemen

Palestine’s Last 5 Matches:
[10/15/19] Palestine 0 – 0 Saudi Arabia
[10/09/19] Singapore 2 – 1 Palestine
[05/09/19] Palestine 2 – 0 Uzbekistan
[11/08/19] Palestine 4 – 3 Syrian
[06/08/19] Lebanon 0 – 0 Palestine

Line-up Prediction:
Yemen: Mohammed Ayash, Mudir Al-Radaei, Al-Gumaei, Boqshan, Mohammed Fuad Omar, Abdulwasea Al Matari, Ali Tawfik, Al-Gahwashi, Jamal Sarhan, Ahmed Al Sarori, Ahmed Abdulrab.
Palestine: Rami Hamada, Abdelatif Al Bahdari, Musab Al-Batat, Mohammed Saleh, Alexis Norambuena, Abdullah Jaber, Tamer Seyam, Nazmi Albadawi, Mohammed Bassim, Khaled Salem, Mahmoud Wadi.

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