Soccer Prediction for 14 August 2019 – Dynamo Kyiv vs Club Brugge

UEFA Champions League Qualifying Betting Score Prediction tonight presents a super-hot match between Dynamo Kyiv vs Club Brugge, which will take place on Wednesday, 14 August 2019 at 00:30 WIB, at the NSK Olimpijs’ky Stadium.

Dynamo must be able to win over Club Brugge, we all know that in the first leg yesterday, they had to give up 1-0. In other words, at home, Dynamo must win 2-0, if they want to qualify for the Champions League final this season.

If we look at the struggles of the hosts in the first leg yesterday, then the potential for big wins is very much like Club Brugge unable to develop their game and one goal is impressed by luck alone, as there is no process that really shows that they deserve to win from Dynamo.

Asian Handicap Market – Dynamo Kyiv vs Club Brugge:
Dynamo Kyiv 0: 1 Club Brugge

Score Prediction – Dynamo Kyiv vs Club Brugge:
Dynamo Kyiv 2-0 Club Brugge

This second leg will be tough for Club Brugge, but yesterday’s one goal advantage at least provides a temporary comfort for them, to continue their mission in this second leg. If we look at the preparation of both teams, then the host deserves to win.

So far, we can see together how the Dynamo are so fluent in arranging attacks, and they are indeed short of stock players, but the deficiencies they managed to cover up with extraordinary aggressiveness of the game from all lines.

A score of 2-0 deserves to be shown to Dynamo, not just as a host, but they have a good capital in this preparation, with the support and mentality that have been built from before.

Head to Head Matches – Dynamo Kyiv vs Club Brugge:
[07/08/19] Club Brugge 1 – 0 Dynamo Kyiv

Dynamo Kyiv’s Last 5 Matches:
[21/07/19] Dynamo Kyiv 1 – 3 Kolos Kovalivka
[29/07/19] Dynamo Kyiv 2 – 1 Shakhtar Donetsk
[31/07/19] Karpaty 0 – 2 Dynamo Kyiv
[03/08/19] Lviv 0 – 3 Dynamo Kyiv
[07/08/19] Club Bruges KV 1 – 0 Dynamo Kyiv

Club Brugge’s Last 5 Matches:
[16/07/19] Club Brugge 3 – 2 Union Saint
[20/07/19] Club Brugge 2 – 2 Sporting CP
[28/07/19] Waasland-Beveren 1 – 3 Club Brugge
[03/08/19] Club Brugge 6 – 0 Saint-Trond VV
[07/08/19] Club Brugge 1 – 0 Dynamo Kyiv

Team Players:
Dynamo Kyiv: Heorhii Bushchan; Josip Pivaric, Tamas Kadar, Artem Shabanov, Vitalii Mykolenko, Serhii Sydorchuk, Vitalii Buialskyi, Oleksandr Karavaiev, Sidcley, Carlos de Pena, Viktor Tsyhankov.
Club Brugge: Karlo Letica; Dion Cools, Brandon Mechele, Simon Deli, Eduard Sobol, Mats Rits, Ruud Vormer, Hans Vanaken, Emmanuel Dennis, Krepin Diatta, Kaveh Rezaei.

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