Soccer Prediction for 10 October 2019 – Kazakhstan Vs Cyprus

UEFA Euro Qualifiers Betting Score Prediction tonight presents the classic match between Kazakhstan Vs Cyprus, which will take place on Thursday, 10 October 2019 at 21:00 WIB, at the Astana Arena.

The door to qualify for the Euro 2020 finals for Group I can be said to be closed to Kazakhstan and Cyprus, if we look at the current standings. Can be seen how they are, where Kazakhstan is in position 3 with 7 points and the same is owned by Cyprus.

Group I is arguably already controlled by Belgium and Russia, they are ranked top with 18 points and 15 points. If dissecting the achievement of these points, then obviously the door was closed hoping for luck.

Regardless of the situation, it is predicted that both teams will continue to stare at today’s match with victory. Playing at home puts a huge burden on Kazakhstan to be able to finish qualifying with a win, especially the chance against successful Cyprus they drew at the inaugural meeting last September.

Asian Handicap Matches – Kazakhstan Vs Cyprus:
Kazakhstan 0: 1/2 Cyprus

Score Prediction – Kazakhstan Vs Cyprus:
Kazakhstan 2-0 Cyprus

Facing Kazakhstan again, Cyprus is predicted to try to concoct a new formula to be able to get a winning streak. Against Kazakhstan in a different position will certainly make it difficult for the defense of Cyprus, which is famous for being a little rocky.

Regardless, the score of 2-0 for Kazakhstan could be considered reasonable, since they managed to master the stage when under pressure despite having to fight until normal time.

Head to Head – Kazakhstan Vs Cyprus:
[06/09/19] Cyprus 1 – 1 Kazakhstan
[3/22/17] Cyprus 3 – 1 Kazakhstan
[2/21/04] Cyprus 2 – 1 Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan’s Last 5 Matches:
[24/03/19] Kazakhstan 0 – 4 Russia
[09/06/19] Belgium 3 – 0 Kazakhstan
[11/06/19] Kazakhstan 4 – 0 San Marino
[06/09/19] Cyprus 1 – 1 Kazakhstan
[10/09/19] Russia 1 – 0 Kazakhstan

Cyprus’ Last 5 Matches:
[25/03/19] Cyprus 0-2 Belgium
[09/06/19] Scotland 2 – 1 Cyprus
[12/06/19] Russia 1 – 0 Cyprus
[06/09/19] Cyprus 1 – 1 Kazakhstan
[10/09/19] San Marino 0 – 4 Cyprus

Line-up Prediction:
Kazakhstan: Nepogodov; Shomko, Maliy, Vorogovskiy, Beysebekov, Suyumbayev, Strong, Zhukov, Zainutdinov, Pertsukh, Turysbek.
Cyprus: Pardo; Merkis, Dossa Junior, Laifis, Ioannosu, Kousoulos, Efrem, Margaca, Artymatas, Avraam, Sotiriou.

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