Skin turns dark after recovering from Coronavirus?

A strange symptom felt by two Chinese doctors after being declared recovery from Coronavirus.

Medical personnel is one of the easy targets to be infected with Coronavirus, because they directly facing the patients who have been infected. Although they have wearing ADP, the possibility of contracting certainly still exists.

The proof, many heard the case of a doctor infected with the Coronavirus, even to the point of death of the plague. But not a few who recovered from the virus attack, including two doctors from China recently.

However, what feels strange is the symptoms that appear after recovering from the virus attack. Is Dr. Yi Fan and Dr. Hu Weifah, both aged 42 years and tested positive for the Coronavirus on the same day, January 18.

As reported by the Daily Stars, the condition of the two doctors are equally critical and ultimately must undergo intensive treatment. After two weeks or so, the two doctors were declared cured.

However, after recovering from the disease, their skin turns black. According to Dr. Li Shusheng, the doctor who treated them, this change in skin color was most likely due to the side effects of the drug used to cure the two doctors.

Only, Dr. Li did not know for sure which drugs can cause side effects like this. Or in other words, this is the first case such strange symptoms appear.

Nevertheless, Dr. Li hopes their skin can return to normal after both improved liver function. Dr Yi is a cardiologist who recovered from the Corona virus with the help of a ventilator for 39 days. Even though he has recovered, he cannot walk if he is not helped.

Meanwhile, Dr. Hu must go through a more difficult struggle. He not only felt physical pain, but also mentally. As a result, Dr. Hu needs to get counseling treatment to recover psychologically.

Indeed, no definitive drug or patent has been found to kill Coronavirus. Likewise with the vaccine, do not be surprised if the spread of this virus continues to increase.

Penulis: | 21 April 2020 | blog