Sit Too Much? Here Are Exercises You Must Do

Sitting at the desk and working on the computer or doing your work is unavoidable. Doctors tell you to change this routine in the best way you can. Here are some things that help.

What Happens When You Sit Too Long?

Sitting for extended periods without a break will lead to serious complications. These detrimental effects happen due to poor circulation and reduced metabolic rate.

You can offset all these problems by doing simple exercises. Here is a look at some of the most useful exercises for sedentary people.

Exercises You Do Sitting at Your Desk

Raise your hands and inhale as it points to the ceiling. You can interlace your fingers. Reach up from your stomach and lengthen your hands. Exhale and bring your hands down. Repeat three to four times. Do it whenever you feel tired or cramped.

Shoulder-head relaxation: Drop your head on your chest and roll it from side to side. In a slow way, roll it back while looking up and bring it to the other side. Then, roll it to the other side. Feel your stiff nerves crack. Raise your shoulders to your ears, hold it for one second, and drop it. Repeat as needed.

Exercises Standing beside Your Desk

Start from standing position. Take one leg forward and bend your other knee. Touch the knee to the floor and press the hips down. Hold for a count of ten. Repeat for the other leg. Do 3-4 times.

Run in position. Raise your hands to your chest and start running on the same spot. This is useful for loosening the stiff muscles and opening your chest. An alternative to this is to jump up and down while moving your legs apart and then bringing them back together. Move your hands in tandem up to point to the sides and then down again.

Exercise You Do Lying Down

Spread your hands to either side. Bend both your legs and move them to the right. Rest them on the floor. Wait for one second. Then, move the legs to the other side. Repeat at least 5-6 times.

The best exercise, easy to follow, with the most benefit to our health is a morning or evening walk. This rejuvenates our body and mind from the inside. It fills us with the spirit of belonging to all natural things. So, go for a walk whenever you can.

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