Simeone: “bus parking” tactics against Liverpool

Atletico Madrid really implemented what was called the Bus Parking tactic once Saul Niguez put them ahead of Liverpool earlier this morning. Although widely reviled, but this tactic is very effective to reduce the onslaught of sharp teams like Liverpool.

The Spanish La Liga representative indeed managed to win over Liverpool in the first leg before dawn earlier (19/02). It was Saul Niguez who scored quickly in the 4th minute. Interestingly, after that goal Atletico Madrid implemented a bus parking tactic.

Almost all of their players are on their own line of defense, with the aim of reducing the attacks and strikes released by the visitors. In fact, in terms of statistics Atletico Madrid recorded only played 27 percent control of the ball throughout the match.

This tactic is fairly effective for maintaining excellence. Liverpool players looked frustrated at not being able to penetrate the host’s solid defense. In fact, they were not able to open one shot on target.

Coach Diego Simeone also admitted that he instructed all his players to survive, in order to maintain excellence.

“We played a game that we had to play to maintain results,” Diego Simeone was quoted as saying by Marca.

Although considered cheating or not creative, Diego Simeone seemed indifferent. He even really appreciated the performance of his players throughout the game.

“We have a good chance of attacking to score more goals. We are a team that plays as a team. If the attacker does not take part in defensive work, the team will not do the job. This is a good job from everyone, “he said.

This 1-0 victory hasn’t resulted in tickets to the last eight. Atletico Madrid must fight in the second leg match, which of course will be more severe because it was held at Anfield. However, Simeone remains confident in the abilities of the players.

“It’s a difficult match, a great opponent, but we already know what the goal is. We will fight a team that usually looks great at home, we are ready from the start, “he concluded.

For information, last season Liverpool had trailed 1-4 at Camp Nou when dealing with Barcelona in the semifinals. They actually managed to escape after a landslide victory 4-0 in the second leg at Anfield.

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