Sexy GF of Persib Bandung defender amazed with the natural beauty of Indonesia

Nick Kuipers‘ soccer career with the Indonesian team, Persib Bandung actually brought positive winds and pleasure to Jorien Neervoort. This was conveyed directly by Jorien by claiming to enjoy the natural beauty of Indonesia.

Jorien arrived in Indonesia a little late following her lover who had landed beforehand in the middle of September. This attitude was shown by Jorien as a form of affection and certainly wanted to provide full support to Nick’s career with Persib Bandung.

Being in a new situation did not necessarily stop Jorien’s steps, this beautiful and sexy woman was seen immediately utilizing her presence in Indonesia by enjoying the natural beauty of the country. One of Jorien’s vacation activities is a visit to the Sukawana Tea Plantation in Lembang.

“I’m grateful to be here with you, my love. I’m happy to be living in a beautiful city like Bandung,” wrote Jorien on Instagram.

Amazed by the natural beauty of Indonesia, Jorien also has a list of visits to other places and one of them is visited Bali. Not only Jorien, Kuipers also claimed to be comfortable living in Bandung.

Enjoyment can be felt in big cities and strengthen high supporter based clubs like Persib. This was revealed directly by the player also in social media, Instagram.

“A lover arrived two weeks ago. We love this city and we travel to several places in Bandung. I think Bandung is very fun, busy, but there is a big club in it. I think this is complete, “Kuipers said.

Kuipers was the first Persib Bandung player to arrive in the midst of the 2019 Shopee Liga 1 season. Before landing in Bandung, it was recorded that the 26-year-old player strengthened ADO Den Haag.

Kuipers recorded so far has played in four games by contributing one goal and helping the club pick eight points. So far, the defender’s performance has provided positive values for the team’s future improvement.

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