Sexy daughter of the 1990 World Cup star is not a football lover?

Argentine national football star in the 1990 World Cup, Claudio Caniggia turned out to have a daughter who is known to be very sexy and deserves to be pursued by many men. The princess named Charlotte Caniggia was born from a soccer environment, but interestingly here, the fact that she did not like the world of soccer.

Aura of Caniggia’s career stardom is arguably coupled with Diego Armando Maradona’s aura of starvation. This deadly duet was able to deliver Argentina to the 1990 World Cup final. But unfortunately, at this moment they failed to give the 1990 World Cup title in Italy after losing 0-1 to East Germany.

Caniggia is a footballer who has more career in the Italian Serie A, it is recorded he had played for Atalanta, and Rome before moving to Rangers, until Benfica and officially married Mariana in 1988. This beautiful relationship also gave birth to three children, one of them Charlotte.

In his world, Charlotte is known to hate football. This 26-year-old sexy woman did not want to be involved with the world that had raised her father, scorer of two goals in the 1990 World Cup.

“Football, you don’t need to ask me too deeply. I do not know anything about that. Because, I really do not like football, “said Charlotte.

If dissected deeper, then revealed the career path of Charlotte who prefers the world of entertainment. He is a top artist in Argentina who successfully became one of the celebrities of Big Brother Italy. Entering this world, Charlotte more often shows off her beautiful curves with a bikini.

The proof can be seen in Charlotte’s personal Instagram account travel. Even in one of his posts there was a naked post naked. Charlotte was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, February 1993. Thanks to her body sexiness, she has many followers on social media Instagram which has now reached 2.2 million followers.

Her love journey did not go smoothly, where Charlotte was reported to have just broken up from Argentine pop star, Ezequiel Media or known as Loan. News of the breaking up of the two hot couples began with a fight at the bowling alley in Argentina.

At that moment, the two were involved in a big fight with Loan status accusing Charlotte of destroying his car. This case goes to court, where Loan also reported Charlotte claimed to have committed acts of violence by beating and biting her.

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