Sevilla vs Manchester United Predictions

Reaching the top two qualifying teams in the Champions League still does not offer you with a guarantee that it could have end up as a draw, for Manchester United.

You may find online sources and links diverting towards prediction championship 2018, most of them made the moment a team like Red Devils manage to beat the opponent team for Europe League. Even if not the best score, still it reflects the strength of a team and its capacity to take over the European competition.

You also need to keep in mind that Sevilla can once again try and take over the competition the way they had performed earlier in 2014 and 16 leagues. There is also a match organized amongst the four winning teams for the last finals at Europe league.

So, even before you place your bets in the game play, let us get familiar with the winning team betting odds.

Sevilla vs Manchester United
While Sevilla manages to maintain their hometown victory in the past, and so it is certain that defeating this team may not be an easy task. You can go through ratings of each team officially online for soccer champion league 2017-2018. The experts have proved most critics after studying the loosing and winning patterns of each team.

After this, the conclusion can be made as Liverpool managed to score 3-0 while in the second round and managed to score 3-3 during the finals. Betting odds for this particular match would have been very much unpredictable.

When looking at the current stats, Jose Mourinho and his team are rated at 13 for 10 against the Old Trafford. Even if the visitors’ team is more popular amongst the bidders, you need to keep in mind that Sevilla has till date not lost any of the home town match. The team has been managing to win at home town since November 2016 for over 29 previous games, which is an awesome record. Thus, it is obvious that beating Sevilla at the home ground may not be an easy task for any team this season.

Sevilla Vs Manchester Tips for Betting
Sevilla is one of the teams, which is known to have holding its record for wins at home ground. They have managed to make a big score in each of the 21 matches played at the home ground.

Even if Jose Mourinho is believed to be very strong with his team for motivating them to win, but still MU has managed to score excellent in 7 out of 8 matches in the past championships.

So, the moment you are speaking of the betting odds for both the teams, it is equal to 4/5.

Sevilla team has scored around 2.5 goals and more in most of their previous 7 UEFA Champions League played on the home soil. Thus, they are sure to attack Manchester United with a good lead. Hence, the punters should check out the chances at both the ends. The predicted bet for this game is 2.5 goals at 21 out of 20.

Romelu Lukaku should return to Manchester United team to score the goals. Moreover, the Portuguese manager Jose Mourinho should give another chance to Henrikh Mkhitaryan to play in for this winter season.

Sevilla Records:
Sevilla 1-0 Girona – Spanish Liga – 11/02/2018
Sevilla 2-0 Leganés – Spanish Cup – 07/02/2018
Eibar 5-1 Sevilla – Spanish Liga – 03/02/2018
Leganés 1-1 Sevilla – Spanish Cup – 31/01/2018
Sevilla 1-1 Getafe – Spanish Liga – 28/01/2018

Man. United Records:
Newcastle 1-0 Man. United – English Premier League – 11/02/2018
Man. United 2-0 Huddersfield – English Premier League – 03/02/2018
Tottenham 2-0 Man. United – English Premier League – 31/01/2018
Yeovil 0-4 Man. United – English FA Cup – 26/01/2018
Burnley 0-1 Man. United – English Premier League – 20/01/2018

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