Sergio Aguero Will Definitely Leave Manchester City At The End Of The Season

A big news was announced by Premier League giants Manchester City earlier this week, Monday (29/03) local time that their living legend, Sergio Aguero is certain to leave the Etihad this summer.

Previously, please note that Aguero currently still has a contract that is only valid until June 2021, or at the end of the 2020/21 season. Unfortunately, Citizen confirmed that there was no renewal of the striker’s contract.

In fact, the announcement from Manchester City was somewhat surprising because recently there was news claiming that the Argentine was in demand by Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain.

For Manchester City fans, of course this is very unfortunate because Aguero is a living legend of the club who has been a part of Manchester City’s history since 2011.

Since then he has not only been a regular starter but has consistently scored goals that helped City win the title.

As for the 2020/21 campaign, Aguero is still an important player for Man City, but unfortunately he doesn’t play much because of a recurrent injury. At the age of 32, Aguero is getting closer to retirement.

If it does have to part ways in the end, then Manchester City will have to give Aguero the sweetest farewell and immortalize him on statues such as Vicent Kompany and David Silva.

Regarding that, Khaldoon al Mubarak as the Club CEO emphasized that City could not hold a farewell because it was not the time yet. But we can be sure, the figure of Aguero will be immortalized in a statue on one side of the Etihad Stadium.

“It’s not time for a farewell or anything like that. The rest of the season is still long and we still have time with Sergio.”

“However, I am proud to announce that we will appoint an artist to create the Sergio statue which will later be erected at the Etihad Stadium, alongside the statues of Vincent and David,” said Khaldoon.

Aguero is claimed to be one of the best players in Manchester City’s history with 257 goals in 384 appearances in all competitions over the past decade.

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