Sergio Aguero now dates a stunning hot model

Officially divorced legally from Diego Armando Maradona’s daughter, Sergio Aguero now seems often changing girlfriends and this clearly raises a new nickname for him as a big-time play boy.

This latest rumored Ageuro just changed a girlfriend, no different from before, this Manchester City striker finally dated a sexy model figure, named Sofia Calzetti. The relationship between these two partners began to be noticed by the media recently.

It is known that their first meeting took place at a Tini Stoessel’s birthday in January 2019. Both of them got an interest, it turned out that Calzetti and Aguero had a secret affair. Until the end of the 2018-2019 season, this couple finally dared to appear in public.

At first all started when posting Instagram accounts from both parties. The first photo showing the closeness of both was when Aguero and Calzetti shared headphones in a moment that was unknown.

Not long ago, Calzetti slowly dared to appear in the stadium watching the action of Sergio Aguero with Manchester City. The most striking was when Calzetti’s presence in the Manchester City party against Wolverhampton Wanderers in the FA Cup final yesterday.

Interesting to scrape deeper, it turns out before with Calzetti, it was known that Aguero had a love affair with a sexy singer, named Karina Tejeda. And as already known together, if Aguero had just divorced with a daughter of Argentine legend, Giannina.

In his move on period, Aguero was rumored to have many negative auras. The worst is the gossip about the accusation of screwing the wife of his Argentine compatriot Sergio Romero, Eliana Guercio. This case until now has not seen clarity, and now Aguero becomes famous as a top-class play boy.

Apart from the love story, Aguero apparently still influences the continuation of his team, Manchester City. Where the 2018-2019 season, Aguero managed to present the title as the Premier League defending champion and successfully brought his team to play to the eighth round of the Champions League final.

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