Security Breach at Neymar’s Mansion

The 25-year old glamorous Neymar, one of the celebrities of the football game, is also known to live a plush lifestyle flaunting swanky cars and living in a luxurious mansion. Bougival, a western Paris suburb has become a host of another superstar Neymar. The Paris Saint-Germaine’s (PSG) celebrity footballer has moved into an 11000 sq. ft posh mansion during 2017. Many of you must be aware that celebrities such as Gerard Depardieu, a French actor and another Brazilian football player Ronaldinho also enjoy beautiful locales of the town, all this to the proximity to the PSG training centre. With this, the luxurious hotel stay of Neymar is over, and he will enjoy the plush environment of his own.

Main Mansion

The Bougival mansion itself is on a hillock and has an indoor pool, which was built in the 1950s by an architect as his home. Neymar could own the exceptional and very impressive mansion who incidentally happens to be the most expensive football player when a deal with PSG was snapped for €222 million.

Insight into inside the mansion

The plush mansion boasts of multiple balconies to have a glimpse of the extraordinary view of the town locales. The superstar can relax in the vast 5000 sq. ft lawns surrounding the mansion. Taking a stroll in the lush green grass would rejuvenate his energy after a strenuous workout or the tournament. He can also relax and mitigate his fatigue when he takes a dive into the basement swimming pool complete with sun loungers. The view into the sprawling garden aids the player relaxing in comfort.

The mansion is also a place for a luxurious sauna where the rich footballer relieves his stress besides the Turkish bathtub for energizing himself. The massive pool room is full of fun and games where the player could enjoy and entertain him with a cool mind.

Security Breach

Despite the security at the mansion, some football lovers breached the security and scaled the walls of the mansion and attempted to enter into the property. The incident disturbed the celebrity and decided to move out of the mansion. On the advice of his confidant football players, it is reported that Neymar has moved to a secret location near Paris. This also adds to the speculation that the unsafe life in France might force the superstar to return to Spain. The grapevine adds that the Bougival house maybe announced for sale.

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