Secrets to keep your kidneys healthy

Kidney is one of the most important organs in the human body, various kidney functions are very important, especially in the process of filtering the fluids that are in our body. Therefore, kidney health is very important for us. Moreover, lately many cases of kidney failure that afflict people around, to have to go through the process of surgery and routine dialysis which consumes very large funds.

Kidney health itself depends on our habits. People who often sit for long periods usually have an unhealthy kidney. But there are several natural ways to nourish our kidneys, without drugs, without expensive costs. The following are:

1. Acupuncture

In fact Acupuncture is one method of self-healing, or triggers the body to heal naturally and according to its function. Usually acupuncture is done by sticking a thin needle into the acupressure point in the skin. Another thing that can help is electrical stimulation, heat, and pressure. But several other acupuncture alternatives such as massage, cupping to full-blooded can also be done to nourish our kidneys.

2. Reduce stress

Stress is proven to be one of the causes of all kinds of diseases that enter the body, especially if the body is also exhausted. You can do meditation, yoga, massage, or do hobbies that can help you relax. Take your time to enjoy life, and for information, being happy and smiling will make our damaged cells function normally again. Just prove it.

3. Detox herbs

Detox or eliminate toxins in the body can be done by herbal or natural methods. To detox the kidneys, we can use Celery. Clean a handful of celery, soak in a mixture of water and vinegar briefly then wash off. Boil 8 cups of water and add celery for 10 minutes, then strain and store in a bottle then put in the refrigerator. Drink celery water at least once a day to detox our kidneys.

4. Drink plenty of water

Sitting position for hours without a break has the potential to damage kidney function, so you should avoid sitting for a long time, or you can drink more water in more quantities, at least eight glasses a day.

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