Second Pregnancy, Irish Bella and Amar Zoni now are more cautious

Indonesian artist Irish Bella is assisted by her husband, Ammar Zoni, claiming to be more careful in maintaining the health of her womb. Yes, Irish Bella is pregnant for the second time.

This is of course related to the bitter experience felt by this celebrity couple in the past. As is known, Irish Bella and Ammar Zoni had lost their twins, due to miscarriage in the first pregnancy.

The calamity experienced by this celebrity couple could make Bella and her husband into the media spotlight. But thankfully not long ago, Irish bella was pregnant again and is now six months old.

“Six months. It’s starting to be heavier” said Irish.

Yes, this is why we cannot stand for long,” added Ammar Zoni.

Learning from its bitter experiences in the past, Irish Bela and Ammar Zoni claimed to be more attentive with the second chance given by God. The couple claimed to be more alert, especially if there is a reaction shown by the prospective baby in the womb.

In fact, Irish Bella admitted that she often consulted with doctors when she felt something was wrong, such as feeling unwell or feeling dizzy. Not only that, he also often consulted with friends who are more experienced and parents.

“Only now more often consult with doctors, more often ask questions with friends who are pregnant too, and continue with the same parents. Now it’s more alert, “said Irish.

“What is certain to be alert. So we have to be alert, we have to check it often, so don’t be shy about talking to the doctor for that event, we have a little headache or whatever,” Ammar added.

This pregnancy will soon enter the last trimester, it makes Irish Bella often experience changes in attitude and want to be more spoiled by her husband.

“Yeah, so maybe the last trimester and starting to ache, weight (body) and start krenky. Start asking to be massaged before going to bed, so keep asking to be fed like that. It’s more spoiled, “said Irish.

Irish Bella and Ammar Zoni have been married since April 2019. Their relationship was revealed when celebrating the 2019 New Year.

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