Scottish Club launch their newest Jersey with services of topless model

When a club wants to introduce their newest jersey, they sometimes even give a different impression than usual. And it really happened, which came from a Scottish club, Ayr United, who boldly promoted their newest jersey in a ‘naughty way’.

Ayr United openly introducing their newest jersey by using the services of a naked model, as the style is introduced with a colored paint that almost shows the shape of the model’s body clearly.

As a European professional club, Ayr United have always been in the spotlight, because they often promote their newest jersey in a different way every year. Evidently, in the past year, they boldly used the services of the same model with shirtless.

One of their biggest sponsors, Bodog, an online betting company, caused controversy when it began promoting ‘The Honest Men’ jersey with body paint. Even though, they are no longer working with Bitcoin SV, they are still running the promotion method in a ‘hot’ way.

Interestingly, when the public was so surprised by the sexy and beautiful model, Ayr United had time to issue a nearly naked male model. So far, the body paint method that shows the club’s latest jersey is still run by Ayr United officials in a photo session.

When all that goes on, many people think that the method of Ayr United to be a bit revoked. However, there are still many positive views that claim that while they are harmless they are still entertaining. The criticism also came from Maureen McGonigle in 2016 season as the founder of Scottish Women in Sport.

“This is like a club that tries to attract the attention of the community. This is your own goal. They used tactics from the 1970s to sell clothes. They will be much better off using positive images from a family to promote a jersey. This is a terrible marketing part, “said McGonigle.

Hearing this criticism, the founder of BSV remained on the main road, where he ignored traditional photography and was more interested in focusing on cryptocurrency, which was considered to produce maximum results rather than listening to comments that did not arouse passion.

“Our aim towards the BSV block chain will be massively becoming a world data ledger, and the companies can run their applications on the backbone of this interesting technology,” Calvin Ayre said.

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