Say hello to the new Arsenal WAGs who is a physics teacher

This 2019 summer transfer market really made Arsenal busy as it was busy due to the lack of spending on players. However, Arsenal should be proud of having managed to bring in several players with limited funds.

One purchase that is making them is the transfer of Dani Ceballos with the status of a one-season loan from Real Madrid. Interestingly here when the arrival of the player will be followed by a beautiful woman named Maria Sanchez Del Moral, who is a lover of Ceballos.

Arsenal fans could immediately feel the aura of Maria’s love in the stands of the Emirates Stadium, which is Arsenal’s headquarters. This certainty can be proven by the attitude of Maria who often watches Ceballos matches both at club and international levels.

Maria also has a good record as a woman who supports her lover in full, as evidenced when Ceballos still served as a Real Madrid player, she often took the time to come to the Santiago Bernabeu stadium.

Now everything has been different, but the positive value comes as the success of Ceballos being the Gunners player next season has given growth to the number of followers of Maria’s Instagram social media account. It can be analyzed more deeply that the increase in the number of followers of Maria’s Instagram account came from Arsenal fans.

One reason for the increase in the number of followers is also not based on the move of Ceballos to London, but it needs to be underlined here that the beauty and sexiness of Maria Sanchez is also a successful attraction to make men drool. The number of Mary’s followers reaches 41 thousand.

Ceballos, 22 years old with a new status as an Arsenal player will surely force Maria to come with him. Although not yet a legal husband and wife status, it is predictable that the two couples live at home. One news that makes people even more curious here is when the news says that Maria is a physics teacher.

According to available data, Maria’s profession is valid and has been undergoing this profession for a long time. The latest of these two couples posted photos while on vacation in Miami, United States. Ceballos took a vacation with Maria after completing the task perfectly by being able to deliver the Spanish national team to Euro U-21 champion.

Take a vacation to the Miami coast with incredible appeal, and it’s great to sunbathe this is a good choice for Ceballos and Maria has fun. All this is done as the transfer process to Arsenal continues.

Serving as a Real Madrid permanent player, Ceballos has made 34 appearances and scored three goals and two assists. Ceballos was also brilliant at the Euro Under-21 with the Spanish national team. Now that focus turned out to be a challenge, and Ceballos had already recorded his first match by going down as a substitute at the 2019 Emirates Cup against Lyon last weekend.

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