Saudi Arabia buy MU’s shares?

The last 2 weeks the British public has been horrified by rumors saying that parties from the country of Saudi Arabia will soon acquire a large English Premier League club, Manchester United. Terrifying to hear this news, some parties from Saudi Arabia will start talking about the truth.

Through those responsible for this matter, Saudi Arabia brushed aside all the news with no desire to buy Red Devils shares. But it confirmed that they had an open meeting with Manchester United regarding sponsorship issues.

Prince Mohammed bin Salman was included in the news gossip, claiming he had prepared super brilliant funds to be able to acquire Manchester United. The news continues the news that came at the start of the 2018 season, where the Saudi side plans to invest heavily in the field of football.

This plan was mentioned to bring the name of Manchester United as a club that will be given large capital from Saudi Arabia. Funds of around 3.5 billion pounds worth IDR 68 trillion are the value prepared by the Prince of Saudi Arabia.

The news continued to blow, finally getting a definite answer. Through Saudi media, Turkey Al Shabanah, confirmed if the news that it would acquire the shares of Manchester United was incorrect. But, indeed there was a meeting with Manchester United as explained by the parties concerned.

“The news that Prince Mohammed bin Salman wants to acquire Manchester United is news that is absolutely nothing,” Turkey’s Al Shabanah as the minister of transportation between the countries of Saudi Arabia said.

“The fact is that the club is holding a meeting with public investment funds to discuss the sponsorship project,” he concluded.

If you talk about this, the Glazer surname officially took control of the Manchester United club from 2005 with a value of 790 million pounds. The sale
price of the Red Devils is currently in the range of 2.2 billion pounds, lower than the news value offered by Saudi Arabia.

If you dissect the direction of Saudi Arabia, then it is true they are aggressively seeking investment in the sport. They work with La Liga, one of them by sending several Saudi Arabian national team players to play in Spanish clubs.

Investment opportunities are indeed very large, proven by more than 5 million people who become Red Devils fans in Saudi Arabia. Not only about football, Saudi Arabia also have partnership with Formula One [F1] and WWE professional wrestling.

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