Sarri willing to take pay cut for better fixture

A unique comment has just taken place, through Chelsea coach Maurizio Sarri bravely saying he is ready to receive a salary cut from Chelsea if he can make the FA and Premier League change. The statement is about a busy schedule that always makes it difficult for English teams on the European stage.

Sarri added that if the British elite team would have difficulty winning the best European League if they still adhered to the system. All of this began when Sarri found Chelsea’s schedule against West Ham on Tuesday (9/4) early in the morning.

As we all know, Chelsea will be facing Slavia Praha on the next three days in the Europa League on Friday (12/4). Sarri said if this schedule was very strange and could make English teams fail to win the European championship.

One thing that is different from the English Premier League with other leagues is that only England have two domestic leagues such as the FA Cup and the Carabao Cup. Sarri’s complaint was reinforced by the statement that not only did he criticize this busy schedule.

Evidently there have been many who criticized the Premier League schedule, and all of that did not give much change. On that basis, why Sarri was willing to cut his salary in order to make changes to the Premier League.

“That’s right, and I’m ready to cut salary from Chelsea, because salary isn’t too important for me. In my personal opinion, what’s important is having fun. Because, for me, working on a blind salary is not a job, “said Sarri.

“I can’t understand the Premier League decision because we have to go to Prague as a representative of the England team,”

Sarri said that the scathing comments issued by him were not only for personal gain. But he added that he was very concerned about the success of the English teams in Europe if he got the maximum help from the Premier League.

“All this is because of an oddity, why we have to play on Monday. That is very strange. I think they should be able to help English teams in Europe. In Serie A we play on Friday. The teams that have just visited the Europa League can ask to play the next Serie A match on Monday, “closed Sarri.

Penulis: | 8 April 2019 | blog