Sarri and Ronaldo will become Juve’s successor next season

Cristiano Ronaldo is predicted to undergo a different season in the hands of Maurizio Sarri with Juventus. Many opinions come out if the former Real Madrid player will contribute more goals in the 2019-2020 season.

Juventus welcomed the new season with hope in the era of Sarri coaching brought in from Chelsea to replace Massimiliano Allegri who decided to end his long career in Turin.

This status is indeed frivolous, but Sarri’s burden is claimed to be a little lighter as many world-class stars in the Juventus squad, and one of them is Ronaldo. When talking to this one player, then there can be no doubt that Ronaldo’s quality has been proven, especially in matters of scoring goals in the Champions League.

Juventus are currently on the Asian continent on the International Champions Cup (ICC) preseason tour. In this event, Juventus have just suffered a 2-3 defeat from England representative Tottenham. Apart from that defeat, Sarri then gave Ronaldo a lot of praise.

In the interview session, Sarri claimed he would give freedom to Ronaldo to play more creatively free eyebrows in making moves as it was possible for him to score goals.

“Cristiano is currently the best player on this team, and that is very clear. So I guess we have to arrange 10 other players in the best defensive phase. Here he can play anywhere in the field. He is the best player and I think it is important for him to play freely.” Sarri opened.

If you dissect the meaning of Sarri’s confession, then Juventus can be sure to override tactics, systems and instructions. In other words, Sarri will free Ronaldo in a move that is definitely aiming to provide a goal opportunity for his team.

And when it’s right, the other players will do their job in carrying out the tactics determined by Sarri. Statistics say if Ronaldo can play any position, a small example is that he can play as an attacker with number 9.

Sarri himself is known as a coach who can provide good opportunities in building strong character for the role of the attacker. The role of striker number 9 is the most important role in Sarri’s team. One proof of Sarri’s quality is when training Napoli, at that time he successfully maximized the role of Gonzalo Higuain with the final result of 36 goals scored in one season.

Actually he did it in the English Premier League with Chelsea. However, time does not support it in making this mission a success. Now Ronaldo can play anywhere with both parties able to get a wish based on commitment. Juve was predicted to be built in support of Ronaldo about scoring, which changed the point of view of an attacker and Sarri wanted it.

The 2019-2020 season will arguably be the end of the ongoing evolution of Ronaldo which began since his move to Real Madrid from Manchester United in the 2009 season. This has the potential to record a new record for Ronaldo as Italy’s Serie A top scorer.

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