Samuel Eto’o considered Mourinho as the best coach

As one of the top players in his former era, Samuel Eto’o had the experience of working under the direction of top coaches, including Jose Mourinho. Well, he considered the Portuguese manager the best coach, how come?

Throughout his past career, this Cameroonian man has defended a number of top European clubs including Barcelona and Inter Milan. At Barcelona, ​​he worked under the direction of Pep Guardiola, winning two European Champions League trophies and a number of other prestigious trophies.

While at Inter Milan, Eto’o worked under the direction of Jose Mourinho who was labeled as Pep Guardiola’s strong rival at the time. Well, under the direction of Jose Mourinho, Eto’o also won a number of prestigious trophies.

These include the first treble winner in Inter Milan’s history in the 2009/10 season. The trophy made Eto’o the European champion for two consecutive seasons with two different clubs.

When talking about the figures of the two coaches, Eto’o thinks that Jose Mourinho is the best coach, even better than Pep Guardiola.

The reason is because of the style of coaching The Special One which he thinks is more friendly, without undermining the qualities of a Pep Guardiola.

“I am more friendly to Jose Mourinho’s style. It’s a matter of coaching style, each has his own way, I prefer Jose Mourinho,”

“Even so, Pep is still a top coach, so I think it is difficult for you to make a decision. Only I can guarantee that no other coach, no other manager, can motivate his players as big as Jose Mourinho,” Eto’o told SPORTbible.

Eto’o thought that Mourinho was very good at motivating and maximizing the potential of his players. Because of Mourinho’s presence, the treble winner he won with Inter Milan felt very special.

“So, that’s why for me the treble with Jose remains special. It’s true that now there are many coaches with their own style, but about motivation and maximizing the potential of players, it belongs to Jose Mourinho,” he concluded.

Eto’o himself returned to work with Jose Mourinho when the Portuguese coach was serving his second term at Chelsea in the 2016/17 season.

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