Safe tricks to travel in the midst of deadly Coronavirus threats

Corona virus is now a frightening specter for anyone, including Indonesian. Although the source of the virus itself comes from China, but still the world community should be vigilant.

It because Coronavirus can spread easily through several media, including air in between. But for those of you who have an agenda to travel in the near future, you don’t need to worry. You can try the following tips to be safe while traveling.

1. Consult to the doctor

Consultation with a doctor can be said as the best preparation before traveling away. However, you must do this for at least four weeks before traveling away. The doctor will clearly provide useful tips, what you should avoid, the first treatment, symptoms of the corona virus, to the drugs needed.

2. Avoid direct contact with wild animals

Coronavirus is proven to be spread by wild animals. Therefore avoid places where wild animals such as areas where animals are slaughtered, such as livestock and live animal markets and fish and marine animal markets. If you are forced to visit the places mentioned above, then you should avoid direct contact.

But if it has already happened, then do not let your hands touch vital parts of the body such as mouth, nose and eyes. We recommend using gloves if you are dealing with these wild animals.

3. Washing hands regularly

Hand washing has been recommended long ago, even before the outbreak of the corona virus. By washing hands before and after activating, we will avoid the threat of bacteria or viruses that may be present in the items that touch tips.

The reason is sometimes people do not realize after their activity to touch vital parts of their body, including the mouth and nose. Therefore, washing hands including safe tips to avoid corona virus. Soap or antiseptic is recommended.

4. Wear the surgical mask

And the last is to use a mask. By wearing a mask, our mouth and face will be protected from exposure to air pollution. While Coronavirus can be spread through the air, just like the flu, coughs and colds. Wear a mask every time you do outdoor activities.

Penulis: | 31 Januari 2020 | blog