Sad story of Michael Essien while still wearing Real Madrid shirt

Playing for the best club in the world like Real Madrid is not a guarantee for a player to feel happy. There are many examples in this case, including the former Persib Bandung midfielder Michael Essien.

Essien’s name began to rise since appearing nicely with Olympique Lyon. The Ghanaian player was later bought by Chelsea in the summer of 2005, Jose Mourinho is the man behind this transfer.

Interestingly, Mourinho brought Essien back when the Portuguese coach handled Real Madrid, to be precise in 2012. He was brought in on a season-long loan from Chelsea.

This transfer seemed to show that there was indeed a close relationship between Mourinho and Essien. Unfortunately, with Real Madrid, Essien did not get the chance to play much because of his injury.

In addition, the club also failed to win the title at the end of the season which led to Mourinho’s dismissal.

Essien’s bad memories at Real Madrid also grew when he celebrated his 30th anniversary.

At that time, this Ghanaian player invited all Real Madrid players, unfortunately of all the players he invited only two of them were willing to attend. The two players are Luka Modric and Ricardo Carvalho only.

This story was excited after a twitter account posted a photo of Essien with Modric and Carvalho celebrating a birthday party.

The photo was then discussed on social media, most of the netizens were sympathetic to what Michael Essien had experienced.

Although there has been no direct confirmation from Essien, Jose Mourinho has already told this sad story in a book written by Rob Peasley.

“Mourinho said Madrid was a political club with warring factions and told me a story about Essien inviting his team-mates to his 30th birthday but only a few showed up.”

“He has to cheer Essien up, saying it’s nothing personal and that doesn’t mean the players don’t like him but they are only interested in themselves and have better things to do.” Writes Rob Peasley in his book.

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