Sad story – a Filipino marries corpse of Fiancée

The marriage procession should be a happy, sacred moment, especially for the bride and groom. But marriage turned into a moment of emotion and heart-slicing experienced by a man from the Philippines, named Ryan Pag-asa Casidsid. How come? He still married his girlfriend, Richielyn, even though the woman was lying rigid in the coffin.

This sad-sounding story begins with the cause of Richielyn’s death, which then went viral on social media. A few weeks before their wedding day which was planned to be held December 21, 2019, the woman died.

Ryan himself shared this story on social media. He recounted the beginning of the meeting with Richielyn, who was his colleague at the office. Slowly, a special feeling grew between these two lovebirds, and finally they officially dated. In January 2019, they had engaged. Not long after that, Richielyn was pregnant with Ryan’s child.

Unfortunately, Richielyn’s pregnancy did not last long, when the womb was 3 months old, she miscarried. However, the couple are reluctant to be dissolved in sadness, they are planning a wedding and will be held on 21 December 2019. All preparations have been settled. Starting from renting clothes, paying the rent, receptions, and wedding favors.

But, the catastrophe began in October 2019, Ryan saw his lover’s stomach continues to grow day by day. After seeing a doctor, Richielyn was not pregnant, but because of ascites, an abnormal buildup of fluid in the stomach. Further action is taken by the doctor to discharge the stomach and lungs.

A few days after being discharged from the hospital, Richielyn was rushed back to the hospital due to a severe headache, another examination was carried out to find out his condition. And it turns out the results of medical tests showed Richielyn experiencing Miningitis, because there are bacteria in the brain.

Doctors predict Richielyn’s life expectancy is only 30:70. After weeks of pain, Richielyn went into a coma. A number of medical treatments were carried out by doctors, unfortunately Richielyn’s life was beyond help. Before dying, the woman asked Ryan to bury her body next to her fetus. Before being buried, Ryan continued to marry his lover, who was lying rigid in the coffin.

Penulis: | 26 Desember 2019 | blog