Russia Vs. Croatia – Who Will Taste The Glory?

Both teams run the penalty shootout to reach the top 8. This is more than just a coincidence, and it is going to be interesting to watch them fight for glory. This is going to be the fourth match between Russia and Croatia, and unfortunately, hosts Russia has never beaten Croatia in the past. It is going to be an advantage for both teams, and you will find this match much fascinating.

However, this will put Russia in pressure, and you will see that Croatia will be in over-confidence as per the previous win. You will see that nothing is holding these teams back, and they are going to fight against each other for glory.

Winning Odds

Russia was not in form before World cup starts. However, they are impressive so far. On the other side, Croatia has won all group matches. The odds stand at 13/10 for Croatia whereas the winning odds of Russia are lower than Croatia standing at 29/10. This is a fair odd according to the past matches and the performance in this world cup 18. However, the odds of getting this match draw is 21/10, and these are subjected to change according to the variations in the match. You can bet on many websites, and these odds might help you make some good money.


Russia has failed to beat Croatia last three times in the past. This is the only chance to prove them, and they are not going to lose this chance. It will be challenging for Croatia to fight against immense hate and rage shown by Russia. Accordingly, this is the first-ever meeting of both the teams. You will find it fascinating to watch this match, and both the teams have a chance to prove them all.

It was 1998 when Croatia reached out to the semi-finals and crashed out in the Group stages in 2014. This might feel like that Croatia is losing its potential, and we will see that in the match held on 7th July 18.

Predictions – Who will take over?

Looking at the odds so far and the history in this world cup and including the past performances, Croatia is the favorite this time, and you can see that there is a great odds difference in both teams. However, logically Croatia has a chance to win this match, but it is going to be a head-to-head battle with intense gameplay and strategies.

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