Rumored with a number of clubs, Timo Werner not affected by those issues

The name of Timo Werner lately is often heard in a number of European media, none other than the interest of big clubs such as Liverpool, Chelsea, Bayern Munich to Manchester United.

With a pretty flashy performance with RB Leipzig, the young German star is predicted to become a ‘hot’ property in the upcoming transfer market.

For information, Werner has scored more than 20 goals in the last four seasons, even in this season’s campaign 24 goals have been inscribed. A number of European giants claimed to want the services of the 24-year-old figure.

Automatically, the player has indeed proven its sharpness in the German Bundesliga.

The Bundesliga defending champion, Bayern Munich is believed to crave the services of Timo Werner, there are also Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester Unted also interested.

Generally, when a young player is associated with big teams, they can lose focus and adversely affect their performance on the pitch. However, RB Leipzig coach Julian Nagelsmann did not see this.

According to him, Timo Werner was in a situation of calm heart responding to all the rumors circulating about his future. Even so, that does not mean the player also ignores all offers that come.

“He is in a good mood. I did not get the impression that he was carrying a huge burden. However, it is clear he is a young man who will sit at home with his wife and think whether he should stay or leave.” Nagelsmann told SportBild.

When indeed in the end Werner’s performance became unstable, Nagelsmann tolerated it. He also experienced the same thing when his future became the first conversation.

“When the transfer issue is floating, you are always a little out of focus. The same thing happened when I was still training Hoffenheim, about whether I would go. The situation is clearer to the striker, because there are phases where they are difficult to score goals, “he concluded.

But indeed, it seems like the player is not affected by future issues. This is also evident from the fact that he succeeded in scoring three goals when RB Leipzig beat Mainz 05 with five goals without reply last week.

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