Rossi shunned by his mother after testing positive for coronavirus

Even though it has passed, Valentino Rossi cannot forget the bitter memories he felt while being infected with the coronavirus some time ago. In fact, because of this virus he was also shunned by his mother.

For information, The Doctor was first caught with the coronavirus since last October 15. As a result of these conditions, this nine-time World Champion had to miss two series of races.

For approximately 24 days Rossi underwent self-quarantine at his house alone, only accompanied by his pets.

Rossi was first known to be positive for Covid-19 on October 15, so he had to miss two races, before finally testing negative for Covid-19 and recovering so he could race in Valencia. At that time, he had to go through 24 days of self-isolation alone at home, only accompanied by his pets.

Absent from the Teruel GP and the European GP made Rossi very disappointed, especially considering the fact that he failed to finish five times in the 2020 season.

“Unfortunately, this season has been very difficult because at some moments I made mistakes, at other times I had bad luck, there were also some technical problems with the bike, and then I was unlucky because I was positive for Covid-19,” Rossi continued.

His sadness also increased, considering that during the self-quarantine period, no one was allowed to visit him, including his mother.

“It was an experience that I would have loved if it didn’t happen. For the first time, people didn’t want to approach me. Even my mother stayed away. This made me a little sad. But I’m not afraid, because I always feel healthy. I’m also sad that I have to. absent, “said Rossi.

Furthermore, Rossi revealed how the local government provided extra security during the independent isolation period. He even underwent several swab tests during the self-quarantine process.

“The swab test is not a test where you can do other things. It feels like being in school,” he concluded.

As a result of failing to finish five times and missing two series, Rossi finally had to settle for finishing in 15th place in the MotoGP 2020 final standings.

Penulis: | 26 November 2020 | blog