Rossi is proud to see the development of Franco Morbidelli

Valentino Rossi felt proud when he saw the development of one of his students at the VR46 Academy, Franco Morbidelli, especially when he saw the 26-year-old rider as the runner up at the 2020 MotoGP event yesterday.

The Doctor himself has known Morbidelli since he was a child, and Morbidelli has also been part of Rossi’s Academy of Racing School since 2013.

Then in 2017, Morbidelli managed to become a champion in the Moto2 event so that he moved up the caste to MotoGP. Another dropout rider, Pecco Bagnaia, repeated a similar success in 2018.

Regarding this, Rossi felt proud and moved to see Morbidelli locking the Moto2 world title at the Sepang Circuit, Malaysia. Morbidelli’s success means that the VR46 Academy is indeed capable of leading riders in good directions.

“When we formed the academy, we didn’t know what would happen in the following years. This is indeed a unique program. When Franco became the 2017 Moto2 world champion, the first thing I thought was that I finally got a strong rival from this academy,”

“However, this is not a problem, we are actually very happy. When we train together, we always increase the level of performance. We have a lot of fun playing against each other on the track. I myself really know Franco because we often practice together at the Ranch. I really understand. racing style, “continued Rossi.

Meanwhile, in the 2020 season campaign yesterday, Morbidelli himself was initially doubted about being able to achieve good results, but no one expected him to eventually become runner-up.

Rossi revealed that it was all because of the hard work of Morbidelli who went through hard training and discipline every day.

“Franco is training really hard this year. Sometimes, he becomes a problem because he is even ready to train at 9.00am every day. He really puts pressure on us, especially on me and Pecco. He is in very good physical shape, and this is very important. On the other hand, he is also a calm and serious rider, “said Rossi.



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