Rooney and Coolen separated?

Valentine’s Day February 14 2019 may be a bad day for former Manchester United player, Wayne Rooney who is reportedly separated from his wife, Coolen Rooney. The issue of the gossip storm that is developing now, the wife will return to England with her four children.

The form of Coolen’s attitude could not be separated from his resentment towards the husband who did his vacation alone without family. This resentment begins with the disclosure of a photo of Ronney with a barman, Vickie Rosiek at one of the bars in Clearwater Beach, Florida.

Rooney was caught on camera on vacation pre-season after playing with DC United. During that time, Rooney spent a long time watching the Super Bowl match with his teammates until they got drunk and even worse was seen with Vicky.

Emotions peaked with Coolen when Rooney got to go to a pub called ShipWerk at two in the morning with Vicky. For this attitude, Coolen decided to take a vacation with his children and planned to return to England.

Referring to this case, it could be said that this was not a new attitude for Coolen. Previously Rooney had also done the same thing when with the England national team. At that time, Rooney was drunk and caused chaos at a nightclub.

The habit of Rooney drinking liquor to make him drunk has made Coolen upset. He repeatedly gave advice, but still the player repeated the habit again. This habit has made Rooney receive sanctions several times.

One of the worst was an 18-month prison sentence for Rooney for being caught drunk at the airport and driving drunk with one of the most famous female entertainers in England, Laura Simpson.

So far there has been no certainty from both parties, but the one who certainly Coolen was very upset and the possibility of returning to England could have happened, because Coolen had a family in the Queen Elizabeth country.

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