Ronaldo’s Reaction To Throwing The Captain’s Tire Was Considered Too Excessive

The annoyed reaction shown by Cristiano Ronaldo in the duel against Serbia some time ago was criticized by several parties, including the great Juventus legend, Alessandro Del Piero.

Cristiano Ronaldo et al indeed traveled to Serbia to play the 2nd matchdays of Group A in the Qatar 2022 World Cup Qualification round. The match itself ended in an equally strong draw, 2-2.

Indeed, the final result of the match may change, considering that in the second half of added time, Cristiano Ronaldo managed to score a goal but the goal was disallowed by the referee who led the match.

The chronology, the ball that kicked Cristiano Ronaldo appeared to have crossed the goal line, before being swept away by one of the home team’s defenders. However, the referee did not endorse the goal.

There was a protest by the Juventus player against the linesman, but in the end Ronaldo got a yellow card from referee Danny Mekkelie.

Feeling annoyed, Ronaldo instead left the match, even though the match was not over. Not only that, the former Real Madrid also seemed to have removed his captain’s armband then threw it to the ground like an expression of annoyance.

No doubt, this reaction then drew criticism from various parties, many of whom thought Ronaldo should not have reacted like that because he was an iconic figure, especially the team captain.

A similar opinion was shared by Juventus legend, Alessandro Del Piero, where he considered the reaction too excessive.

“This is an overreaction. He shouldn’t act like this, that way,”

“It’s okay to be angry, it’s okay to talk about it with the ref, but throwing the captain’s armband and going on like this is too much for someone who is the captain of the team and represents an iconic figure like himself,” he told ESPN.

But on the one hand, Del Piero also understands why Ronaldo showed this reaction, given how the maximum effort the captain made to bring his team to win.

“But I also understand the moment, the importance of the match and also the personal ambition he is betting on in everything he does,” continued Del Piero.

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