Ronaldo’s knee problems are gone

The Juventus tactician ensured that his star, Cristiano Ronaldo was free from the knee problem that had befallen the Portugal national team captain at the start of the season. This is marked by the brilliant performance of the 34-year-old figure in the match against Cagliari earlier last week.

As is known, Juventus played the inaugural match in 2020 this past Monday (06/01). Playing at the Allianz Arena against Cagliari, the hosts managed to pack full points thanks to a 4-0 victory. A good start to the year for Juventus, because in this 2019/20 season they have never won by a margin of four goals, so this is the biggest win.

In addition, this is also a good start for Mega Star Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo, because the former Real Madrid player managed to score his first hat trick for Juventus. Yes, Ronaldo bought up three goals against Cagliari, while the other goal was scored by Argentine striker Gonzalo Higuain.

That note made him successfully incised eight goals in the last five appearances in the highest caste of Italy. The 34-year-old striker looks back to finding his best period, after going through three games without being able to score a goal in early November, during which period Ronaldo was also pulled out by manager Maurizio Sarri on two successive matches.

However, after the match against Cagliari yesterday, coach Maurizio Sarri was able to ensure that Cristiano Ronaldo is currently in good shape, no more knee problems, and the manager is happy with the condition of the Portuguese superstar.

“Ronaldo no longer has problems with his knee and now he enjoys great physical and mental condition. Finally I could see that he was really happy because his knees were fine now. He can play as best he can right now, “Sarri said in a press conference.

Ronaldo was rumored to want to leave Juventus after the incident involving him with Mauruzio Sarri last November. At that time, Ronaldo was pulled out in two consecutive matches, including in the match against AC Milan. The player to ‘sulk’ and immediately leave the stadium before the game ends.

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