Ronaldo’s decision to leave La Liga had almost no impact

Cristiano Ronaldo is indeed a big star, one of the players who was once an icon of the Spanish league. But Javier Tebas as the leader of the competition stressed that the departure of the Portuguese player had no impact.

The 35-year-old player was indeed close to Real Madrid in the summer of 2009 ago. At that time, the Portuguese star was redeemed from Manchester United through a pocket of 97 million Euros. He also graced the El Clasico competition between Real Madrid and Barcelona.

During 9 seasons, Cristiano Ronaldo managed to become one of the la la Spanish icons. Ronaldo led Los Blancos to win 15 championship trophies, including three successive European Champions League titles.

Then in the transfer market last summer, Cristiano Ronaldo decided to leave Real Madrid and join Juventus. Reportedly at that time the Italian Serie A giants redeemed it with a pocket 100 million euros.

Ronaldo’s departure clearly leaves a hole at Real Madrid, nor is there any more fierce rivalry between him and Lionel Messi. However, La Liga President Javier Tebas stressed that the competition did not necessarily feel that one of its icons had been abandoned.

“Cristiano’s departure, even though it pissed Madrid off, hardly felt the impact because La Liga has spent years to make sure this brand exceeds the image of the players,” Tebas told RAC1.

Tebas was sure, the story would be different if Lionel Messi had decided to leave Barcelona, ​​his departure would have a big impact.

“But Messi is a different case. Messi is the best player in the history of this game. We have been fortunate that he played in La Liga throughout his career. I think you will feel Messi’s departure, especially if he goes to another league,”

“It won’t be a disaster if he leaves because we have a television contract signed with or without Messi. But the important thing is adding value. Messi always pleases us all,” he continued.

Because of this, Tebas hopes that Messi will stay in Spain to hang shoes.

“Messi is an icon of Spanish football and I want to ask him, please, finish his career in our competition. We have given him a very big love, “he said.

Penulis: | 19 Juni 2020 | blog