Ronaldo can help Juventus win over Atletico

The match between Juventus vs. Atletico Madrid will make a very special Wednesday morning, where Juve look at the last 16 of Champions League last as ‘die die must win’ match, because they have to reverse the aggregate laggings 0-2.

On the sidelines of his preparations, Wojciech Szczesny as number one goalkeeper believes the road to the quarter-finals is still wide open. With players like Cristiano Ronaldo, he was so sure he could realize that hope.

It should be a serious note that Atletico is a team with a strong title of defense. Obviously it’s not easy to beat Diego Simeone’s team. Apart from all that, nothing is impossible in the world of football because luck and quality can help.

“He was born as a player created for moments like this. I think last week’s Champions League results also show that this isn’t over. Ajax lost at home, but could get rid of Real Madrid, as did Manchester United with Paris Saint-Germain, so why can’t we believe that we can do it?” said Szczesny.

“Atletico is a super good defense team. I don’t say they are defensive, but they have a good game of imagination and like to counterattack or exploit opponents’ mistakes. We must be vigilant, but also maximize the chances of goals that we have created. ”

Szczesny also received a concluding question regarding the figure of the Juventus player which with the quality and experience he possessed will be able to help step into the quarter-finals.

“If you have to bet, I’ll bet on Cristiano Ronaldo. He is a player who can be a differentiator in moments like this. With all the experiences and goals he has scored in the Champions League, we will need it on Tuesday,” he concluded.

Ahead of this super big match, Juve are ready with positive capital where they succeeded in winning 1-0 over Udinese in the continuation of the Italian Serie A. With this positive capital, Juve is expected to represent Italian football to be able to go far in the Champions League this season.

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